2007-07-09 Hobgoblins

I’ve extended my Hakone map (see 2007-07-02 Goblins) to add a forest, a stream, a gorge, a bridge, a swamp, and all the other little details that the first part of Red Hand of Doom requires. The party left Hakone looking for the graverobbers (hobgoblins, varags, evil clerics of Hextor) that had stolen the sword from Ueshiba’s tomb (the modified BarrowOfTheForgottenKing). Travelling northeast into the Tobu valley, fighting off the Marauder Attack (not thinking of interrogating any of the hobgoblins), and up into the Hobgoblin Gap.

There, they fought off three owlbears during the night, and we called it a day.

I’ll be happy to make fights tougher from now on. Obviously I need at least EL 7 or 8 to challenge them. They are, after all, six instead of four party members!

I’ll take this opportunity to add two or three things I had in mind for the hobgoblin nation up in the mountains. In the meantime, things will progress as planned by the Red Hand of Doom. :sardonic:

And I definitely need to improve my hobgoblin tactics!

Oh, and Tshin Bo the sorcerer was relaced by Nanami the archer (another fighter).

This was on Sa-Tsuki, day 8 – the month of rice sprouts. Peasants are planting rice, I guess. :)


Challenges overcome:

XPs gained: