2007-07-16 Minotaur Temple

Sa-Tsuki, day 9 – one day after the marauder attack.

Coming down from the hobgoblin gap, the party enters a hobgoblin village and are treated with utmost respect. Hobgoblins are literally grovelling in the dust. They learn that all of the fighters were off to fight a war. The Red Hand of Doom had united three tribes in recent years and called an army to the Cinder Hills in the west. The villagers did not know who the Red Hand of Doom actually was, or where there war was going to be fought. All they knew was that their temple of → Maglubiyet (en) had been converted into a temple of Tiamat. They also learn that the village’s deputy is called Morthaur Clubfoot; he lives in a temple in the woods behind the village.

The party sends a villager to summon Morthaur, but the villager does not return. After some waiting, they decide to go to the temple. As they approach the temple, they are ambushed. High Spot skills make sure that most of the players are not surprised, and within a round or two, five hobgoblin guards are dead and one is captured. The party interrogates the new prisoner and learned that the temple is guarded by ten minotaurs.

It turns out that the temple is a dark stone pyramid with a labyrinth beneath it. As they descended the stairs and reached the first junction, they managed to discover and shoot a hidden minotaur. A round later, another two minotaurs came charging from other aisles, doing a lot of damage. The badly hurt minotaur fled instead of joining melee, the two were killed. Kubo went down, too, but got healed.

The party followed some passages to a dead end and found two traps on the way. It didn’t take long for three more minotaurs to arrive. This time, Kubo heard their heavy breathing around two corners. The party retreated and set up an ambush. The minotaurs did not advance. The party decided to wait for ten or twenty minutes. Enough time for one of them to circle around and attempt to cut of their retreat. More fighting ensued, and the second group of minotaurs was defeated. Again, Kubo was only saved by Aurin’s healing magic. In all of these fights, our tank Kyoshi was not hit once, it seems.


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