2007-08-06 Skull Gorge Bridge

The following session summary was written by Kubo San’s player. Thanks! :) – AlexSchroeder

Red Hand of Doom Plans
Map found in Koth’s war room
Koth’s Base lay quietly in the midday sun, ruined and crumbling. The battle had been fierce and the calm that followed was eerie, as if the recently departed souls had left a void that filled up with silence. It was always eerie afterwards, but Kubo San was used to it. Now the fun was over and he had work to do. The area had to be explored and secured, the secret places had to be found, and then it was time to Loot. Kubo San didn’t like Looting. It gave him a headache.

First you have to find the Loot. Takeo was really good at finding Loot. He finds loot everywhere – in chests that don’t open, in holes in the floor, in statues, walls, everywhere. Kubo San just wanders across the battlefield prying Loot-ish things from the cold dead fingers that grip them.

Then you have to put it piles. And not just one big pile either. Kyoshi says they have to be in lots of little piles. One pile for swords, one for coins, one for armour, one for this, one for that… everything in piles.

And then, you have to sort the loot. One of the magic casters starts scanning it with his magic and picking out items which are magic.

Then it’s time to identify the Loot. This is more fun because it involves trying on cool stuff that make you faster or stronger or make you feel tough or anything. People try lifting rocks and swinging swords and saying words out loud and study the items. The magic users gather around and try to decipher writing and stuff. At least it’s interesting to watch.

And finally, the part comes that reminds Kubo San why he lives in the forest. It’s time to distribute the Loot. Everyone says ‘I want this’ and ‘I want that’… so much talking. Tsutomu got a wand and the chain shirt, gave his nice armour to Takeo, Nanami got some gauntlets, and Kyoshi got a nice sword and some gauntlets that make him strong. Kyoshi says he’ll count all the coins and make sure everyone gets paid fairly according to current market prices and stuff. Okay, whatever.

Kubo San didn’t get any Loot, but he got some other stuff. He took that dirty little wizard’s canines. They weren’t very clean, but they came out easily enough. Smashing them out with the butt of a Naginata usually ensures they come out in one piece, though you better make it a closed casket funeral afterwards. Looking at his necklace Kubo San realised he’s running out of space for more teeth. Could be time to start creating some other jewellery. Meh, worry about it when the time comes.

Then there was the hobgoblin prisoner. Most of the party get squeamish about killing enemies stupid enough to not be holding weapons. Some kind of moral dilemma. That’s why it’s good to have Tsutomu around. He understands that sometimes you’ve got to kill a thousand so that a hundred may live and that sort of thing. While the party is standing around and scratching their heads about what to do with the prisoner Kubo San and Tsutomu take him for a nice walk in the woods, away from the interfering politics of the rest of the party. Kubo San finds a nice quiet clearing and throws the hobgoblin a masterwork longsword. “Here,” he says. “If you can beat me you can go free.” By picking up the longsword the hobgoblin accepts the terms, and charges at surprising speed. Unfortunately he failed to note Kubo San’s proficiency with the Naginata, and he is skewered before he even gets close enough to swing his blade. Kubo San yawns and wipes the blood of the blade. The party look up as Kubo San and Tsutomu return without the prisoner. “He took my sword and attacked me! I had to er… defend myself.” Well, it’s true in some respect.

Now more talking. Some people want to warn village X about the Red Hand of Doom, others want Kubo San to send a message to location Y. Kubo San ponders to himself. “If the Red Hand of Doom is coming here, who or what will wipe the Red Arse of Doom?” Eventually the party talk so much that everyone gets tired and falls asleep.

The next morning the party decide to go and destroy the Skull Gorge Bridge. Apparently the Red Hand of Doom will be coming that way so it might slow them down. Oh, and there’s a green dragon holding it. Hey! Kubo San remembers something about green dragons… they breathe acid! Now isn’t that something! Congratulating himself on his excellent memory Kubo San travels with the party northwards.

After a few hours walk the can see the towers of the bridge. Takeo heads off on his own to scout the area and the rest of the party start planning. Kubo San and Aurin have Resist Energy magic prepared, and we start discussing how to make the attack. Suddenly a cry is heard through the trees. “DRAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaagooooonnnnnn!!!!!” Takeo is sprinting at full speed with the dragon flying behind him in hot pursuit. Oh, oh…

Spells are cast, potions are drunk, cover is taken, weapons are readied… the dragon makes a dive run and breathes out a jet of stinky acid breath. Thankfully most of the party are protected by magic or manage to dive out of the way, and little damage is done. The dragon flaps off behind the cover of the trees and hobgoblins start firing arrows from the bridge. Aurin and Nanami cast some protections. Tsutomu casts a spell and everyone starts moving super fast. Kubo San and Kyoshi move forward using the trees for cover and Tsutomu sends forth a little fiery seed which flies towards the hobgoblins and explodes in a huge ball of fire, burning three of the enemies to blackened crisps. The rest keep shooting arrows.

As Kubo San and Kyoshi approach the tower the hobgoblins at the far side of the bridge rush into their towers. Kyoshi and Kubo San begin to ascend the nearest stairwell to splatter the fleshy beings at the top when the out of nowhere the dragon reappears and breaths more of his stinky acid breath. Kubo San was caught totally unaware, and only just manages to save his mighty Naginata from being damaged by throwing his own body in the way of the acid, which eats at his skin. Hurt but still fighting Kubo San charges up the tower after Kyoshi.

Suddenly a great rift in the fabric of time materialises and the entire world freezes, forcing our heroes to wait an entire week to determine the outcome of the battle.


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