2007-08-20 Back to Morioka

Kubo San practicing his naginata moves
©2007 Marco Dörfliger
Still Sa-Tsuki, Day 14 – 6 days after the marauder attack

The group returns to Hakone. On the way back the pass the ruins and meet three trolls.

The group crosses the Kako river at dusk and does a force march until Hakone. Even those that strain the limits of their abilities will recover during the night, so no problem. Late at night they call upon Lord Onishi, show him the bugbear’s map, and Onishi calls the other people of note in Hakone: Captain Kimura of the Guardians Against Sin is here, head of the Kawa clan is here, Onishi’s son Shigeru is here, the richo Takahashi Shou is here, and a guest from Kurobano, Lady Fumiko of the Red Phoenix guards, elite troops under Lord Kurobano.

All are very concerned when confronted late at night with these dreadful plans. Lord Onishi wants to stay and fight, and the party supports him. Kawa wants to pay tribute to the horde and improve Hakone’s defenses. Takahashi is unsure, and Captain Kimura wants to retreat back to Kurobano where defenses are formidable – and where his position will be strong, as Kurobano is where the Guardians Against Sin are stationed. The party agrees to defending Hakone because this will further delay the horde’s march against Kurobano.

Messengers will be sent to the Sohei temple on Mt. Tabenaga in the north-east and to the robber baron of Shiobara in the south-west, to the Temple of the Moon, and to Yusukami. Nikko and Tobu will be evacuated. Refugees will be sent to Kurobano and only soldiers will remain behind in Hakone. The rice paddies will be flooded to prevent the use of siege engines and boats will be prepared for the last defenders should the walls fall.

The party also sells some loot and buys gems with their silver and gold. Hakone has 500 inhabitants, ie. the gp limit is 200 gp and the assets are 5000 gp. That’s 5000 gp worth of gems available…

Sa-Tsuki, Day 15 – 7 days after the marauder attack

The party decides to pay a visit to Morioka, half a day east of Hakone. Just as they are about a mile outside of town, still on a dam between two rice paddies, two chimeras descend from the sky and attack the party. Even though both Tsutomu and Kubo San nearly died, they bested the magical beasts at last, in full view of Hakone. The citizens cheered from afar. ;)

More prestige points are gained…

When the party arrives at Morioka’s stronghold and tell him the news, he decides that he will also evacuate to Kurobano. There’s no point staying behind when thousands of hobgoblins descend from the Toriyama mountains.

Some more buying and selling… Morioka buys the bracers of armor +3 but is not interested in a spiked gauntled +1 or banded mail +1. He identifies items for the party, Tsutomu wants to buy some scrolls for later copying, Kyoshi wants to comission a wand of enlarge person, and Aurin buys the diamond that seems to be necessary to activate the ancient runesword she found in the Mithras temple beyond the Hobgoblin Gap. And indeed, as she presses the diamon to the pommel and sunlight strikes it, an unearthly glow fills the room and a soft humming can be felt. Ancient light runes appear on the blade and she reads: “To bring light into eternal darkness…” Clearly, the sword is on a mission!

A lot of players will be missing next session. I’m thinking of using The Sunless Garden by Goodman Games as a side quest for three of the characters. Level range is 6-8; theme is forests, and only half a day’s march to the east of Morioka is the realm of the Forest King. Excellent fit! I just hope it can be done in one session. Perhaps if there are only three players at the table…


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