2007-09-10 Free the West

Sa-Tsuki, Day 20 – 12 days after the marauder attack

The party frees the west passage to the Sohei Temple of Mt. Tabenaga by fighting the second road blockade.

While the elves recognize the valor and prowess of the party, they don’t offer to join the fight.

Actually, this is part of the source material: The party can collect alliance points.

Total: 1 + 1 + 2 + 2 = 6 points. For eight points or lower, the elves are thankful but are not convinced to join the cause and they refuse to risk their lives to save human settlements. One of the immediate effects for the party was that the elves didn’t fly them around in the swamps of Mooka; they just got dropped at the road leading from Yaita to Mt. Tabenaga.

The party arrives in Yaita and is provided with food and lodging.


Challenges overcome:

I conflated the second road blockade with the Barghest Reavers encounter and changed one of the barghests to a greater barghest. It was still an easy fight. I thought that this more or less “doubled” the challenge, but I guess it’s still not enough! The fireball took out most of them. The party wants more challenging encounters. The greater barghest used Dimension Door to retreat back to the Horde and report…

Current XP: