2007-10-01 Varanthian

Sa-Tsuki, Day 21 – 13 days after the marauder attack

The party moves to Hakone, leaves the phylactery with Shigeru and instructions to destroy it in three days unless they return before that. He says he’ll send it on to Kurobano should that happen. Then they move on to Manabu’s fortress, turn some undead, and decide to try and find a way around the fortifications. Kubo San’s Survival skills lead them across a hidden path through the hills, where they fight dire lions.

They evaded the basilisks waiting for them in the wilderness and the bonedrinkers waiting for them at the fortress…

Sa-Tsuki, Day 22 – 14 days after the marauder attack

The party approaches the huge stone lion temple where ghost lions fly through the air and pass through stone. They seem harmless. At the entrance to the temple, the party is challenged by the female fiendish behir Varanthian. The party believes that the creature is the Ghost Lord and reveals that they have retrieved the phylactery from Saarvith and have it in a safe place. The behir seems satisfied and commands them to kneel. The party does as commanded. Then the behir tells Nanami to approach. She obeys, and is attacked, grappled, and swallowed whole! A fight ensues, Kubo is also swallowed, and the two keep barely alive inside the acidic stomach using the Staff of Life. Finally, Takeo manages to land a critical sneak attack using his short bow, Fäm is grappled by the behir, and Aurin saves the day with a mighty Burning Phoenix From Above blow.

It is still before noon as the fight ends.

Both Fireball and Haste were sorely missed. ;)


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