2007-10-15 Fight For Hakone

Still Sa-Tsuki, Day 22 – 14 days after the marauder attack

Lots of interesting fights this time. It started with a lousy fight: The eight (instead of six) bonedrinkers were no challenge for the party. Fortunately the wizard and cleric had to spend some of their best spells. When the ranger started cutting down the tree of blight and the Ghostlord appeared, he asked what Kubo San was doing to his tree. The ranger replied that he was cutting it down because it was unnatural. For that, the lich called down a flamestrike! Still, the party wanted to parley and mentioned the phylactery… A long discussion ensued, and finally the party agreed to leave a hostage with the Ghostlord, and hand over the phylactery at the Bato bridge just north of Hakone. In return, the Ghostlord would eliminate all agents of the Red Hand of Doom in the Tobu valley. And it was done!

I was so surprised by the ranger’s ferocious tree-slashing (then again, the character was nothing but a lumberjack a few weeks ago…) – I forgot a ghost dire lion. The one with the corrupting gaze and the strength-draining touch… Oh well. :)

Two days later…

Sa-Tsuki, Day 24 – 16 days after the marauder attack

The party arrived back in Hakone just in time to organize the last stand. The rice paddies were flooded, hay bales had been stuffed under the bridge to the castle and doused in oil for the last retreat, and the 40 militia commoners, 20 Onishi fighters, the 10 Guardians Against Sin warriors, the 5 Onishi family members (Ftr-3), Shigeru (Ftr-5), and his sensei (Ftr-7) were manning the walls. Three hobgoblins on manticores approached but were shot down before they could do any harm. Then the party rushed north to fight two hieracosphynxes, two wyverns, and two hobgoblin sorcerers. Fäm was enlarged, swinging his spiked chain, and tripping enemies left and right. Only the archer and the rogue outside his umbrella of protection were in any serious danger.

As we ended that session the south wall has been breached by manticores and hobgoblins and Abrithriax the red dragon has decided to investigate the surprising resistance. A party of a dozen hill giants has decided to start throwing rocks at the remaining defenders, and a band of about thirty hobgoblins has decided to make a dash for the walls with ladders and grappling hooks.

Combat was interesting, specially since the second fight took place on the wall, most of the enemies could fly, and the sorcerer could cast lightning bolt along the wall. I didn’t increase the number of enemies in Hakone by 50%, and it was an interesting fight anyway.


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