2007-10-29 Kurobano

Who said Kubo can't dance?
©2007 Marco Dörfliger
Finished the fight with the greater barghests and the blackspawn raiders: The party was forced to retreat – Kubo San hiding in plain sight and sneaking away, Fäm running in the other direction with Expeditious Retreat, Aurin casting Fly on herself, and the others running for their lives. I felt that killing a character was a possibility, but we decided that the chase necessary was too boring to play out.

We really need to decide how far one can see in the forest. Sixty feet? See Comments on 2007-10-29 Kurobano for more information. Good stuff to remember for next time we’re fighting in the forest.

Eventually the party reached Kurobano. Tsutomtu left the city and a new wielder of arcane powers joined – Samïa. The party ordered some magic stuff from Morioka, got invited to talk to the four leaders of the city – including Lord Onishi who stoically accepted news of his son’s death at the hands of the red dragon Abithriax – and a whole lot of roleplay and diplomacy was skipped in order to fit may player’s style.

I’m not sure whether this is a good thing. Should I hold against my player’s natural style, or should I just run with it? I’ve got a lonely storyteller player type in this group… :)

The city is prepared. Defenders man the walls, clerics are spread all over the city with potions and wands of healing, orders for the defenders to fall back and switch to guerilla warfare inside the city, ambushing foes and retreating to the clerics.

Lord Kurobano coordinates the defense of the city via a telepathic link. He asks the party for help in destroying a group of six hill giants that are bombarding the city walls. The party runs and the session ends in mid-combat.

In the mean time, elsewhere… Abithriax was enjoying the show. Fires burning all around the city. Victory close at hand, fierce resistance that would fall within the hour… Sweet victory! He smiled and evil fumes boiled into the night. Out of the shadows stepped Wyrmlord Kharn, his cloak barely managing to hide his formidable red dragoncraft full plate armor. The dragon remembered the traitor who had to die in order to create this masterpiece. Family, in a way. Abithriax felt a faint satisfaction thinking how the skin of the coward was now protecting a former enemy. The traitor had not believed. Not believed… What was there not to believe? Kharn started talking, but Abithriax ignored him. Soon the gates of hell would open and all these fools would die for having meddled in the affairs of dragon kin. Kharn seemed to wait for an answer. Begone, he said.

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