2007-11-05 Hold

We finished the fight against the six hill giants. On the third round the party noticed that the hobgoblin army must have realized that the city wall bombardment had stopped. And on the fifth round they’d be there. Some players complained that I had offered enough information earlier (“you’re our ears and eyes”). More about that later. The party retreated back to the city and killed the last hill giant with a fireball.

Back within the city they had a few minutes, retreated to one of the holdouts and got some healing from the clerics there. We just translated the 5000 gp into 2000 hitpoints using an average hitpoint value from a wand of cure light wounds. The next objective was to help fight fires the dragon was in the southern quarter of Kurobano. Having seen the dragon before, they decided that they were unable to stop him and offered some kind of excuse I can no longer remember…

Soon after that the gates were ready to burst and soldiers had errected a barricade on the main street leading towards the main temple where lord Kurobano was assembling his troups. Hold the line, he told Kubo San over their telepathic link.

The first wave of nine hobgoblin regulars, three sergeants and three manticores was easy to destroy. The next wave held twelve ghost blood raging bugbear barbarians. The party fired a fireball into the berserks and retreated back into the buildings to prepare for the assault. They were quite surprised when the bugbears just ran up to the barricade, jumped into the archers and slaughtered them. And then they just kept on running. Several bugbears disappeared around the corner before the party realized what was happening. Again there was much groaning from the players: “What? We didn’t know that the orders were to prevent them from passing through!”

We also had a discussion where the players explained that my upgrade of the red dragon from juvenile to adult had basically made him invincible. I thought it was fair because they six instead of four players, and because they had effortlessly slaughtered the previous dragon I had upgraded by but one age category. Then again, my upgraded red dragon didn’t wear the constitution-boosting items the original one would have had.

Food for thought. I basically felt that the original fight against the dragon was tough and offered the real risk of dying, and the challenge was as tough for them as in the original. I’m not sure now. I thought this was an interesting challenge for the tacticians in the group, but apparently they had thought it through and decided that it was a hopeless situation. I myself didn’t even try making a plan for them, relying on them to figure out the details. There had already been talk of our flying dragon disciple tripping the flying dragon, the 150 feet fall the dragon would suffer, and I basically expected that some cold spells, invisibility on rogue and shadow dancer, maybe a few scrolls of True Strike, Magic Weapon (for the rogue’s shortbow), buffed as always (with defensive front-liners having an AC between 26 and 30)… As I said, I hadn’t thought it through properly, but I felt that good planning should have made it possible. Very dangerous, but possible. Oh well.

The last time I checked the party was not doing too badly. They were had something like 36 out of 40 victory points required to stop the advance of the Red Hand of Doom. Winning a few boss fights on the city square should allow them to turn the tide of the battle. I should post that list as soon as possible.

In the meantime, elsewhere: “The red dragon has descended upon us my liege. And I shall not fail you.” Kyoshi cut the mental link to Lord Kurobano and prepared to die. His former comrades had provided ample warning. And his friend Morioka had introduced him to a small number of other wielders of forbidden arcane powers. And he had made a pact with two of them. And his righteousness had gained him many a boon from the aasimar cleric, Lord Kurobano’s concubine and surely the descendend of an angel. She had also prepared potions and oils at his request. For days he had been preparing for this fight. A red dragon! At long last. He gave his companions a sign and as one they rose, each one of them a fierce warrior and champion in his own right.


Six hill giants (CR 7), nine hobgoblin regulars(CR 1), three hobgoblin sergeants (CR 3), three manticores (CR 5), six ghost blood bersekers (CR 4).

Current XP:

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