2007-11-12 Sniper Attacks

The party fought back the last wave of attackers – bluespawn thunderlizards (I think they are the same as the bluespawn stormlizards in the {MM4 Monster Manual IV}). Then they got word to fall back to the main square by the Fudo temple and prepare an ambush for the enemies that have penetrated the city. As they arrive at the square they see everybody rushing into the temple. Nobody is organizing the troops, there seems to be a panic. Obviously a sniper has incapacitated Lord Kurobano. There telepathic link is dead. Fäm steps into the square and shows himself, tricking the sniper into attacking him. This allows the part to pinpoint his position. (Actually I think I forgot to take a -10 into account because of the 100 feet distance…) When the party rushed into the ground floor of the building they ran into invisible hobgoblin sorcerers that had prepared lighning bolts for fools attempting to storm the building. They managed to kill them all and are just about to climb the stairs…

I’m actually looking forward to ending this particular slaughter fest. Too much combat, not enough atmosphere.

I might have to look at delaying the last chapter of this module. If it is short, I might do it. If not, I might either run Castle Shadowcrag (a little adventure for five level 10 or four level 11 characters) – it might provide an explanation for Kubo’s ties to the Plane of Shadow. And we might move to the City of Brass before continuing. Find some awesome loot. Buy some big ass magic items on the bazaar. And then return to do battle with an upgraded aspect of Tiamat.


Six bluespawn thunderlizards (CR 6), six goblin worgriders (CR 3), two hobgoblin sorcerers (CR 6).

Current XP: