2007-11-19 End of Red Hand of Doom

The end! We decided not to finish the module. I already mentioned last time (→ 2007-11-12 Sniper Attacks) that I had enough of the constant fights. The prospects of the final battle and moving up into the mountains seemed all too linear to me. So after the party won the fight against the sniper Skather, I went ahead and proposed a change to the campaign I had been mulling for quite some time:

  1. We would assume that the battle was going to be won (the group made 40 victory points and thus managed to turn the tide of the battle without needing to fight the general of the army).
  2. We would skip fighting the upgraded red dragon.
  3. We would upgrade the aspect of Tiamat from CR 13 to something worthy of a campaign finale – I’m thinking of something around CR 20-25…
  4. We’ll take the game to the planes with the plan I had in mind for Aurin’s sword.

I took some notes of the party’s knowledge on the swords page → Attaxa. There was quite a lot of plot exposition in the second half of the session. Clearly the next session must offer more choice to players: Decisions to make, some interesting NPCs to interact with (meaning they have magic items or spell casting services to sell, or quests to accomplish). I’m thinking of some sort of mission that requires some not-so-good and not-so-lawful volunteers…


Skather the CR 10 blackspawn raider ninja.

Current XP:

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