2007-12-03 Kill Kubo

The players asked around, found out that eladrins used the kind of fantastic bow that can be used in melee as a bladed weapon that Nanami was thirsting for, found them in the Moonshine Forest, failed to impress them as archers, but then she accepted a challenge: Step through a portal that the Eladrin showed them into some place in hell and touch a powerstone guarded by a devil that would enable Nanami to cast three lightning bolts. She was buffed like crazy, defeated the lone chain devil, and earned the bow. A few moments after that, a group of barghests appeared and attacked. They were bent on killing Kubo who escaped – once again – with -9 hit points. :sardonic: To her own chagrin Aurin stepped into the killers path and angered him. Which is why he cast Slay Living on her, I guess…

(To simplify the fight I ruled that the eladrins fought the lesser barghests while the party fought the assassin and the two greater barghests. The boss was from the male advanced greater barghest rogue 2 called Vralgor Szarn from the barghest ecology article in KoboldQuarterly #2.)


Barghest assassin and the CR 10 and two great barghests.

Current XP: