2007-12-03 Vergiatrix

The party resurrected Aurin at the Fudo temple and decided to return to their home plane (the “mortal realm” is what Kubo called it). There they would seek access to the Shadow Plane in search of the master mind behind the barghest attack.

Suguru, a human ranger from Kitsunemori, told them about the way back to Kitsunemori. They climbed down the cliffs to the Silver Sea where Suguru knew of a water filled cave. Diving through it would lead the party into the caves right next to Hakone. And this they did.

To their surprise they were greeted by a black dragon who demanded obeissance and a toll: 2000 gp for the honor of Tiamat. The party gave him a +1 short sword, moved past his lair into the water leading out of the cave to Hakone, spent five rounds buffing up, turned around, and fought the dragon.

It was a close call with the dragon having cast Mage Armor and Shield on himself. The resulting AC 36 required Fäm to cast True Strike every round. Both Fäm and Kubo had reach weapons and were enlarged. They also moved around a lot in order to avoid a Full Attack. The tactic worked and finally the dragon was slain.

Then we all gathered around the {DMG Dungeon Master’s Guide} and rolled for triple CR 14 treasure… :)


Black dragon, CR 14

Current XP:

Update: Argh, I made a mistake –– this was not a CR 14 fight, it was a CR 11 fight. Too much XP and too much treasure!!