2007-12-17 Dread Pagoda

The party left Yakomizo Hiraku’s castle via the underground passage, avoiding the grell outpost I had planned for them. That outpost would have been based on the Grell outpost example in Lords of Madness by Wizards of the Coast. Next was a temple in the shadow plane, guarding a dark secret. More info on the Shadow Plane, more Info on the dealings of barghests, and more hints for Attaxa await…

Aurin has made a deal with the Glabrezu Kaulifargh: She agreed to be possessed. The demon requires her to kill five more enemies from bygone days in revenge. One of them will be the weapon smith that modified the sword Attaxa in the City of Brass. All of them will be over 500 years old, thus no ordinary men. She asked if those to be slain were all evil, and Kaulifargh replied that he wanted them dead even if they had repented. She knows that the demon is only keeping her alive because it thinks it will be able to cause more evil with her than without her. In return, she gets to keep the sword, her life, and her soul.

The fight of the day was against a yak-folk sorcerer guard and three huge earth elementals guarding the stairs up to pagoda. When the party approached, the guard asked them whether they were pilgrims. Fäm gave the wrong answer, the others debated what to answer, and the guard noticed their martial equipment – clearly they were lying. Ronin or bandits, either way – impostors! In this fight the party realized that the demon was still within Aurin, for it had given her an additional 18 hit-points and thus her fatal wound was strangely healed by small black tentacles. They managed to kill the yak folk and retreat. The earth elementals disappeared again, and when the party approached again, there was nobody there to command the elements to attack.

The party members try to hide away their weapons and disguise themselves as pilgrims. Then they climb the 9999 steps to enlightenment…


A yak-folk sorcerer level 5: CR 7.

Current XP:

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