2008-01-21 Ranmaash

The party spent some time trecking back and fourth to the East of Dawwad. They gave Izkandr the stone he wanted, and they fought sand ghouls posting as desert bandits, the real desert bandits who claimed to have already stolen everything the refugees owned, and three huge scorpions…

I see a pattern, here. The three huge scorpions were a tough fight just as the three huge earth elements were a tough fight a some sessions back.

Apparently the desert bandits must also have a camp somewhere in the area as the group the party slew did not have a lot of treasure on them. An old refugee in Ranmaash’s camp told Kubo San that the leader of the Lotus Eaters is called Shameek or something like that and stole the brass horseman’s torso or head or spear many years ago.

Apparently the party will try to sneak into the Lotus Eater camp next session.

Maybe I’ll prepare some desert bandit background as well? I haven’t decided yet.

A note on fighting the sand ghouls: When four of them surrounded Aurin, the first two were flanking her and hit her, paralyzing her. What should the other two have done? I was ready to have them coup de grace her, “They are hungry – so terribly hungry! They’re all over you, tearing into your flesh, eating you alive!!” It would have been teh awesome. Deadly, too!

But then the other players thought it was terribly rough, and said that until now we had been playing with an implicit house rule: “Neither players nor monsters will use coup de grace during combat.” I feel like changing that, because it seems to me that this house rule just makes coup de grace irrelevant. And I think my players are in favor of it because none of the magic users have taken Hold Person and related spells.

So the ghouls turned to the other players and died for their foolishness…

Any thoughts on → coup de grâce (en)?


Todo: Six lotus eaters CR 4, eight sand ghouls CR 1, three huge scorpions CR 7, five desert bandits CR 4 and their leader CR 8. Four players.

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