2008-01-28 Pazuzu

This session only three players were around: The two weapon fighting Kubo San, the archer Nanami, and the mystic theurge Saito. They wanted the horseman’s torso. The Shadowdancer’s companion moved through the village and discovered the cheitan and the temple with the ominous statue amidst the Lotus Eaters. They decided on a campaign of terror, hiding during the day in a little hole up on the steep cliffs in the East. Fifty feet up, only reachable using Spiderclimb. At night they slipped into the village, invisible and silenced, and they killed seven Lotus Eaters in their drugged sleep. A few hours later, the dead bodies were discovered, the cheitan wished for one of the read to be revived, then the revived wished to know where his murderer was, and then 30 Lotus Eaters, the cheitan, and an invisible Muad made their way to the party’s hideout. They shot arrows at the sheitan, cast Fireball at the Lotus Eaters, and then the invisible Efreeti appeared on their ledge and started slamming the archer. When the Shadowdancer was slain, the remaining two characters were in dispair: What to do? Then they remembered the Book of Pazuzu they had read so long ago. And the mystic theurge called out: Pazuzu! Pazuzu! Pazuzu! (Fiendish Codex)

And the demon lord came, revived the shadowdancer and finished the cheitan off with a single blow of his breath weapon.

Thus was the horseman’s torso recovered.

And thus was the seed of corruption sown in yet another character’s soul.

Notes: I think the entire table will have to get used to high-level magic use. I think everybody was surprised (and even I had just read it up as the players were planning their next steps). An efreeti in the company of a mortal has three Wishes at his disposal. That’s three level 8 arcane spells per day.

And quickened Scorching Ray every round. I actually forgot that one at first.

I think my idea to add more color to combat is working just fine. I first saw that at Peter’s table. Whenever somebody lands a killing blow, the DM says: “You killed it! Describe your finishing move!” And they <3 it.

It also means that I have to go along with some aberrant ideas… The things people put up with for the love of the game! 8-) “Can I knock out their teeth? Can I roll a Reflex save to catch them in mid air? Can I?” I went along with it and a hilarious time was had at the table.


Shameek CR 13, Muad CR 10, various Lotus Eater guards and drugged residents flat-rate CR 10, seeing Pazuzu and live to tell the tale flat rate CR 10.

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