2008-02-04 Plane Shift

In a previous session the party ran into a random encounter with a Jann. Not many words were exchanged and they separated ways. This session the party discovered that they had given Iskandr the water they required to use the portal! The players groaned in anguish and cursed their evil DM, but to no avail. Find some allies and fight the devil, I said. Or think of another way. One of my players decided that he wanted to go look for that Jann again. No problem, I said. After a random encounter with two ant lions, they spotted him watching them, they started talking, and eventually they agreed to pay him 1000 gp in gems if he planeshifted them and two of their camels to the City of Brass. He warned them about the distance problem, and they agreed to his terms. I let a player roll… and we got a 5x89=445 miles from the intended destination! So I placed them at the edge of the dust plain, right next to the castle of Kush. (What language was the writing in? I decided on the spot to use Infernal… Should have been Ignan, I guess.) Some reading later they leave for their long treck north at 24 miles a day… I skipped all random encounters except for a meeting with a djinn near the broken peak, warning them of the tarrasque that was supposedly living there (you should have seen their jaws drop…) and giving them a map of the plane. I basically handed them over map from the booklet. We’ll see how it goes without removing the map keys. I skipped all random encounters just giving them a few sentences about seeing many air and dust mephits every day and avoiding any fights… Upon arriving at the city, they realized how long the bridge was, how long the queue was, they tried to sell the 300 doses of dried Black Lotus they had collected (and did in fact sell 250 doses for 50 gp each), and they are now thinking about Dawwad’s sword. What to do do? Nobody is lawful neutral! They will probably try and sell it. But to whom? And what if the authorities discover such a dangerous weapon in the hands of such low-level primes?

Marco performed his evil DM song that he had written in honor of his old DM Bev. It was awesome. :)


Two ant lions CR 6, Earthquake trap CR 8, find a way to the City of Brass CR 10.

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