2008-02-25 Skull Gate

The party returned after the destruction of the hidden temple of Set to their Samaghar salamanders. These congratulated them on their job and offered various options:

  1. Somehow contact the secret Orcus temple in the Underbasin and discover the whereabouts of the Ashur Ban’s body. Apparently it was never found. Ashur Ban was the last sultan of the City of Brass. One possible lead would be Sim ral Marla, a lich running the multitude of forges supplying most of the Sultan’s army’s weapons and armor. He would certainly have more information on the cult of Orcus.
  2. Use the unholy symbols of Set to gain access to the shining pyramid. Learn more about Set’s plans. The Jackal lord seems to be recruiting mercenaries. Who is at the head of this temple? What are his plans?
  3. Sow discord between the Sultan’s Burning Dervishes and the Temple of Set by attacking both sides in disguise.

When Nanami handed in her gloves she was looking for a weapon shop run by a “good” person. No liches, no efreet, no demons… And she found Baracus. Since she went there alone, was apparently new and innocent, Baracus signaled that he might be interested in fleeing the City of Brass together with his wife Najima. Nanami, ever the neutral good character, asked what was in there for her and he offered his master piece: The frost brand greatsword.

The party decides to look for the Orcus temple in the so-called Underbasin. They have practically no Gather Information skills to speak of, so they found nothing except for the basic facts. They stared at the grates into the torpid currents of excrement and waste. When a passerby spat at them and laughed that they must have had reached rock bottom to be considering the Underbasin, they intimidated him and forced him to take them to a local person of note. He took them into a brothel where the local crime lord and master of pimp was smoking Shisha.

They asked for a way into the Underbasin. Kubo San joked around and offered to sell Nanami. “It’s a deal,” he said. No no no good sir, Kubo retracted. Finally they pay 100 gp to have a guard called Hamid guide them to the nearest grate that was out of sight. They climb down into the brown quivering mass of slow moving slime and go looking for the so-called Skull Gate. A Divination spell told them to look for a skull gate and beware its sting.

They fought five wights, four chuuls, found a landing and a black gate, and a Spot check of over 30 revealed a hidden door accross the river of exrement. They examine the gate and the door with a ring of x-ray vision and some Detect Poison. It seems highly probably that the door is trapped.

I had to remind them of their goals and their expectations. Breaking down the door and killing everybody was probably not a good idea.

They climbed out a different hole (fighting a greater abyssal basilisk on the way) and found themselves in an old necropolis.


Challenges overcome: five wraiths CR 5, four chuul CR 7, and a greater abyssal basilisk CR 12.

Current XP: