2008-03-03 Orcus and Set

A lot of talking and some insight into the necropolis and its Orcus temple in the first part of the session, then a fight against another party that ambushed them. Saito doesn’t make it!

The first half of the session the party managed to talk to some clerks of the association running the Necropolis. Here the rich have their mausoleums and crypts. The poor are simply thrown into the sea of fire. The association guards the graveyards from necromancers and grave robbers. The party talk, ask around, find another a clerk bribes him with 200 gp, talk about the possibilities of special rituals, other gods, and finally the clerk guides them through vaults and labyrinths into the depth of the necropolis. Apparently the very rich will build crypts down here and safeguard their last resting place using strong magic. I tried to evoke the feeling that this the place where a dead → demigod (en) would receive his last rites.

Finally the party arrives past a hall of heroes at a secret temple of Orcus. A six pointed star, a pool of lava, four stairs leading to a raised platform above the lava, a statue of Orcus in the background… Some more talking and 1000 gp later the clerk will organize a ceremony of thanksgiving and prayer for the party. Highpriest Zehn will lead the ceremony and there will be an opportunity to talk to him as well. Next week, same place. Two goats are sacrificed, a chorus of Orcus priests sings, the blood is smeared on Orcus’ belly, the high priest and a Vrock pray, the party mumbels the Abyssal words of gratitude and servitude – all except for the two good characters who keep staring into the ground. Saito then has a long conversation with Zehn, full of inuendos and unspoken understandings. Yes, if the body of the old sultan were found, and if his wife Cirreshade were there, then possibly one could speak with him, if some higher ups were to agree, given that finding either of these two would probably be high treason… Some information regarding the Dead City of the Sultana is discovered.

On the way back, the party is ambushed by a party of Set followers. When the fight was nearly over, Saito was stabbed to death by one of the fighters. The wizard survived the fight and surrendered at the very end as his Stoneskin was starting to fail him.

The necropolis based on my improvisation, the temple of Orcus based on the Upper Temple of Rappan Athuk 2. The ambush by the followers of Set based on the battle slaves pages 395 to 397 with their normal equipment.


Challenges overcome: Get some information from Zehn CR 11, two fighters, two rogues, a monk, a cleric, and a wizard, CR 8 each.

Current XP:

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