2008-03-10 Tarbish

The fight continues, but the Burning Dervishes and the fire giant are no match for the party. A lot of talking and non-combat stuff during the rest of the session.

A short shouting match between Nanami and the nameless leader of the Burning Dervishes leads to another fight. Then Saito is raised by Aurin next day, then the party contacts Tarbish who must have seen them sow discord between the followers of Set and the Burning Dervishes of the Sultan. He promises them a permanent Nondetection from the Sultan’s scrying.

The party spends a few more days getting Baracus and his wife Najima out of the city, breaking the Geas and tricking the guards (Sense Motive +19).

The savages also sell both the Sword of Dawwad and the Frostbrand Baracus gave them in return for helping him escape… :)

As for Attaxa: I feel like pushing the issue… Will the party kill the smith or will it not? And if not, the demon will want to force Aurin to do her deed. At the same time, the party is trying to prepare a room where they can safely exorcise the demon and slay it. Tricky…

And I think I will prepare some missions for the Pyramid of Set.

Spellbook of the Set wizard: Burning Hands, Magic Missile, Shield, Resist Planar Alignment (PH), Cause Fear, Chill Touch, Ray of Enfeeblement, Magic Weapon, Protection from Good, Protection from Chaos, Blur, Flaming Sphere, Fog Cloud, Hypnotic Pattern, Web, Investiture of the Spined Devil (FCII), False Life, Ghoul Touch, Scare, Explosive Runes, Haste, Lightning Bolt, Stinking Cloud, Analyze Portal (PH), Gentle Repose, Vampiric Touch, Evar’s Black Tentacles, Fire Shield, Stoneskin, False Gravity (PH), Attune Form (PH), Ice Storm, Cloudkill, Mord’s Faithful Hound. → PH: Planar Handbook; FCII: Fiendish Codex II.

The above based on the Sultan’s law on theft page 52, the Burning Dervish monster entry on page 308, Tarbish on page 133, Baracus the barbarian sorcerer on page 61.


Challenges overcome: A firegiant CR 10, six Burning Dervishes CR 7, getting Baracus out of town CR 11.

Current XP:

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