2008-04-21 Culpangia

Cool: Arcane Eye was used to spy ahead, a double Dimension Door was used to place the brooch into the gap – and the invisible dragon kicked it out of the flames and swallowed it. Not cool: The dragon had not cast Fly on itself and thus was loosing big time as soon as our trip master enlarged himself.

So, this was the end of of Guardians of Dragonfall by Anson Caralya. The first exploration was fun because the party knew there was an invisible foe waiting for them, and once the brooch was swallowed the constructs they had been controlling turned against them. Fun!

When the fight started and the dragon used Slow Exhalation to deal extra damage – and the party had protected itself against fire instead of acid – everything hung in balance and we were all very excited. But once the mystic theurge managed to cast a defense against acid and the trip master enlarged himself, the fight was basically over. The dragon got tripped again and again, and it was rather boring. When I realized that the dragon wasn’t going to be using his Slow Exhalation anymore and switch to his breath weapon, I rolled a three and had to wait for two rounds. And in those two rounds, the dragon died.

Next time I will secretly slash 80% of the enemy’s hit points when I see that it has run into a tactical dead end. There’s no point in long boring fights. As a “master of ceremony” it was hard to keep up the excellent tension from the first half of the evening. I need to find a “going down with a bang” solution to provide some sort of climax. Maybe I should abandon all rules for the last round… :)

The book says that I should hand out a treasure containing 25’000 gp and a magic item suitable for every player character. I think the author has some delusion as to the powergaming equipment these guys are wearing. Perhaps I should just give them 12’500 gp in cash and save myself the boring part of trying to second guess what they would like. Third edition’s availability of magic items means that they’re treated just like any other kind of asset. There’s no point in trying to preserve a sense of wonder regarding magic items at the same time. The only way out of there would be relics and other unique magic items that cannot be bought and sold.

Hm… Strange and unique magic items? Maybe plot items?

I should also write a [[Review_of_Guardians_of_Dragonfall?]].


Challenges overcome: Two tongues of rebuke CR 9, two arcanatons CR 9, Culpangia CR 13.

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