2008-05-12 Sleeping God’s Soul

I’ve run the players through the Sleeping God’s Soul section in Beyond Countless Doorways by Monte Cook, Wolfgang Baur, Colin McComb, and Ray Vallese. It was a nice little adventure with a small number of scenes:

We’re now starting into Dungeon Crawl Classics #18: Citadel of the Demon Prince. The party is about to enter Fäm’s old abbey – the abbey mentioned by the evil monks slaughtered outside the gate to Dragon Fall on the Plane of Molten Skies. The monks were apparently interested in figuring out where their patron saint dragon was so that they could recall it in the name of Tiamat. Then again, the newly awakened goddess Tevra mentioned that Pazuzu was also starting to show an interest in the player character’s homeplane and that there was some sort of rift forming… The players are therefore now at the abbey in the search of some answers.


Challenges overcome: kolyarut CR 12, two zelekhuts CR 9, Gudmun CR 8, Sighvat CR 10.

Challenges overcome: two marut CR 15.