2008-05-19 Hezrozet

What happend to the old abbey where Faem grew up? When the party passed through the half destroyed front gate, there were already signs of battle all around. On their walk to the little guesthouse they were attacked by 10 wolflike creatures, which were wiped out soon. More investigation is needed! Checking the old stable revealed some battle where fireballs must have been used. Hmmmmm. Wizards attacking the abbey?

Checking out the guest house….it was evident that people tried to hide in the guesthouse, the windows were barricaded and so was the door. However, the door could be opened just a little bit. Not enough for a human to pass through, but maybe for other things…The party crashed in and soon the party noticed something unnatural in the upper level of the guesthouse.

Checking it out….it turns out to be a bodak (consequences, see below)!! The undead remnants of (probably) a monk living here who has been destroyed by the touch of ABSOLUTE EVIL. Oh my god! What’s going on here? What evil lurks here in the abbey? Whoever infested it? All the party wanted is to find out more about an artifact of an old red dragon….and then they find this…..

Proceeding to the gate….another attack!! Two dragonlike creatures with magic leashes around their neck which forces them to guard the entrance. This shows that they don’t guard this on their on will! The evil here must be so strong that those kind of creatures doesn’t ally with it.

Going in!!

Another surprise: A half-fiend ettin with his pet dragonlike creature attacks the party. Two more clues in the abbey: A vrock attacking the party and pictures of tortures and demons on the wall. Even the blind can see it now. Faems old abbey has been infested by the absolute evil. demons from hell…..

Are they prepared? Is the party prepared?

One dead, one petrified, and the beginning of hack’n’slash in the citadel.

The session started with quite a bang. In the second round of combat Aurin died from a bodak gaze, failing her Fortitude save with a natural 1. The dracolisks were no problem, but the ettin with his pet gorgimera petrified Saito. Wow!

The party had not even reached the doors of the abbey.

They teleported back to their home base, got scrolls, regained their strength, and went for another expedition. The party went through three more rooms, until I decided to call it a day.

I was half an hour early and earned astonished looks all around. What had happened? Somehow the open door, roll for Initiative, kill them all, search the room was getting to me. I looked at the clock two or three times. Always a bad sign.


Challenges overcome: Katacheck the bodak CR 8, two fiendish black dracolisks CR 9, a fiendish gorgimera, a half-fiend ettin, two medium spiders CR 1, two spider swarms CR 1, Hezrozet the vrock CR9.

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