2008-06-23 Into the Abyss

Before Oszkar leaves (to slaughter the innocent in a village or two near the abbey – that’s the cult of the Broken Word for you!) Nanami talks to him about the +1 bane (humans) shocking composite longbow (STR +2) created by the black mage Minazu in the northern mountains of Tarizune.

Saito casts Dimensional Anchor, the mad priest Samuka returns to the abbey with the huge hellthorn protecting him. He actually manages to trap Nanami’s soul in the Soulstone, but is defeated by the player characters all using Greater Invisibility.

The party the goes through the portal and reaches the abyss. When faced with five vrocks, the quickly retreat to the portal using Teleport.

Back on the material plane, they rest, and Aurin goes to visit the Warden of the South Gate in Bahamut’s palace using her ring. Explaining the situation, she learns that a heavenly host was dispatched to destroy the very fortress of the Black Son (of Pazuzu) and succeeded. Him still being in control, and his piece of the abyss still drifting towards the material plane is unforseen. The warden thinks it would be best to kill the bastard son and agrees to give Aurin four scrolls of Teleport, one Oil of Bless Weapon, six scrolls of Align Weapon, and the help of three astral devas that will fight alongside the party.


Challenges overcome: High Priest Samuka CR 13, hellthorn CR 11, two angel effigies CR 10.

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