2008-07-07 Angel Company

The three guardian angels Sofiel, Haniel and Elijah join Aurin and her companions on the mission to the ruins of the vrock demiplane. As Fäm said: “They are not 100% happy with the alignements in our group (one pretends to be good, one wants to be good, one will never be good, one is good and one was deep on the evil side), but they will fullfill their duty and help our crusade against the demon prince.”

The first fight against six vrocks and two harpy archers went ok, and the three vrock reinforcements didn’t even dare to attack. Unmolested, the party then went to the smoking ruins, dug down, and entered the shaft leading into the depths beneath the surface. In some sort of strange spherical room jets of hellish magma were criss-crossing and three bebiliths attacked as soon as the first angel entered the room.

Challenges overcome: Nine vrocks CR 9, three bebiliths CR 10, two harpy archers CR 11.