2008-07-14 Black Son

The party continued down into a magma filled sphere with a big bad “soul cauldron” in the middle. Apparently it is possible to trap a soul in the soulstone and “cook” it in the cauldron, liquifying the soul. The angels destroyed all the evil lava creatures in the area and proceeded to destroy the cauldron: Using their weapons to put a big crack into it and ripping the entire iron plate it was welded to from the floor and shoving it all into the lava. Kubo also spotted some soul stones lying about and picked them up.

They all proceeded to the “soul engine” room, where huge columns reached hundreds of feet into the air, white lines of “nervous tissue” (?) leading up to them, a deep hum filling the air, and thousands of pathways criss-crossing the room. The party proceeded towards the columns. The angels destroyed some fiendish hounds from the Gray Waste of Hades. Unfortunately they were but a distraction: The Black Son had used his ring of invisibility, his winged boots, his magical short sword, and his assassin abilities to kill one of the angels just as the last hound perished!

A long cat and mouse game followed, an ambassador of Set was killed, and finally Kubo San used a soul stone against the Black Son itself, shouting thrice: “BY THE POWER OF THE BLACK SON, I CLAIM THEE!!” Ironically, it worked. :)

The angels returned the party to Bahamut’s Palace on Celestia where the Black Son was finally released, questioned, put on trial, condemned to death, and killed, and thus the movement of his demiplane through hyperspace is stopped and his soul engine reduced to rubble. During the proceedings, the party mixed with the celestials present as if equals, moving at ease between the planetars and archons of Bahamut, the talking to gold & silver dragons in human form, conferring with the Lord Protector, the Master of Judicial Ceremonies, and the High Inquisitor (and his assistants).

Finally the staff of the prophet that the prophet of Set had carried as well as the soulstones were confiscated as items of great evil. In return, the party was awarded the following:

As for the major plot lines: Apparently the Black Son (of Pazuzu) has been using the plane as his target because of the connection his father has to it: In the old days an aspect of Pazuzu led men and tengu against an aspect of Obox-ob and the swamp things – kappa and kumo demons. The evil dragon patron saint of the abbey is still missing. The party heard of a maker of magic bows to the North, in the Shadow Mountains – holy mountains separating the Middle Kingdom from the arctic wastelands. That means that the info by the evil monks remains uncontested: Evil dragons are still being called towards Kurobano and the aspect of Tiamat that has formed when the Red Hand started to invade. Perhaps the dragon can be found there?


Challenges overcome: Black Son CR 17, ambassador of set CR 16.

XP shared with three angels; no XP for encounters that the angels basically solved themselves.

New level for Aurin and Saito.