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The party returns to Kurobano, as apparently the influence of evil dragons is on the rise everywhere on their world. Sages in Celestia have hinted at the possibility that their home plane was turning unstable and that external powers might be wanting to exploit that weakness.

As soon as the party planeshifts to the Fudo temple in [[Kurobano?]], the aasimar priestess Katsuko contacts them and asks for their help. A formal delegation is to be sent to the forest king in the north east, for he alone appears to be untouched by the hobgoblin armies of the Red Hand of Doom. As a token of good will and in memory of all the evil deeds that humans have committed against the woodlands, the Horn of the Forest King is being returned to its rightful owner. This artifact had been kept hidden in Kurobano for generations as a token of human supremacy over the woods.

When the delegation arrives in the woods of the forest king, they realize that they have company:

The party manages to stage a contest between Fäm and Ranzai (that the demon wins easily), taking advantage of the distraction to let Kubo steal the demon’s adamantine greatsword with the help of Saito’s magic and hiding the sword in Sai’s tent while Aurin talks to the other ambassadors. The plan works eventhough quite a few of these creatures here seem to have true seeing. In a rage, Ranzai insults Sai and in the end the ambassador of Pazuzu leaves the meeting.

How to prevent the witch king from joining the Red Hand of Doom or enter an alliance with the ambassador of Obox-ob? The flying brain creature certainly seems scary enough and whoever comes close to it feels a cold and slimy tugging in his heart, drawing him towards the sublime symbol of mind over matter, the floating demon head of Reiji… You shudder and turn away just in time.


Challenges overcome: Enforcer CR 9.

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