2008-08-18 Reconquista

Last Monday the party fought a red dragon owning a Chaos Diamond with the ability to cast Word of Chaos. The two non-chaotic characters (our healer and our damage dealer) were soon confused and ran away. The fight took ten rounds. They basically didn’t participate at all. :(

Challenges overcome: A mature adult red dragon (CR 18), two bluespawn godslayers (CR 10), two blackspawn exterminators (CR 10), six redspawn arcaniss (CR 6), two respawn firebelchers (CR 6), and about fifty kobolds. And the Enforcer from last session CR 9.

The party convinced Lord Kurobano to try praying to Bahamut, god of good dragons, to send an emissary. Aurin builds a temple and will be head priest.

New level for Kubo! Apparently Saito must have gained a level in recent sessions and I didn’t realize it.