2008-08-25 Ambushed

The party helped resettle Hakone. Aurin organised Temple plans (and funding?). In the end the golden dragon Kerfux was summoned from Celestia and accepted his new abode as protector of Hakone. Old Onishi was not offered the rule of Hakone and was ready to commit suicide as soon as the meeting ended, but Aurin used her Diplomacy skills to convince him to take a position as general for Kubo-San. He accepted.

After a week and a day had passed, the party received word that strange things had been seen near the temple above the ruins of Musashi’s castle. They decided to investigate, planning on another teleport & destroy mission. They saw an enforcer (a demon of the Pazuzu party), three vrocks, several hobgoblins, and a mage. There was also a wooden shed nearby. They buffed and teleported in.

What they did not expect was a teleport trap. The shed contained an avid vat and a teleport magnet. The party materialized as close as possible to the magnet, ie. floating above the acide. Kubo-San fell into the acid but everybody else was flying. Saito managed to cast a quickened Energy Resistance. Strange: How was Saito able to see Kubo in the dark? Kubo then saw the strange glittering stone at the bottom of the acid, dove for it, and shadow jumped out. Saito, unclear on what had happened, decides to Dimension Door back to edge of the forest. The other three had been flying above Saito and appeared on top of the shed. Aurin was the quickest to recover, noticed nothing wrong and charged the enforcer demon.

Suddenly the enforcer turned into a deathdrinker demon and demanded that she surrender. She delayed, asking questions. With two quick slams he blasted her into unconsciousness. He meant business!

Nanami cast an Obscuring Fog and all flied back to the forest as fast as possible. For a second the demon noticed Kubo-San, asked him to surrender, Kubo agreed, he attempted a grapple on his first attack but Kubo was under the effect of a Freedom of Movement, and then he did not manage to do enough damage on his remaining attacks. Kubo managed to disappear into the shadows again and retreated through the fog.

Later, Aurin woke up and was questioned. She started talking back and the demon started breaking her fingers. She then agreed to write a letter to Lord Kurobano demanding the slaying of Azarr Khul in the Cinder Hills.

During the night Aurin is kept awake and from memorizing new spells by constant coming and going of hobgoblins. At one point, however, they all turn into vampires! These were no hobgoblins at all. They all belonged to the Pazuzu faction!