2008-09-01 Revenge

The party used the teleport magnet stone and a lot of invisibility spells to set up a trap for the deathdrinker, and it worked. His four kastigur demons were slain and his vampire mercenaries fled soon enough.

Challenges overcome: Four kastigur demons CR 11, one deathdrinker demon CR 18, eight 5th level fighter shadow vampires CR 8, four 13th level monk/shadowdancer shadow vampires CR 16.

Before the deathdrinker died, it destroyed three of Aurin’s magic items. Apparently he traded the rest for a promise of alliance from somebody called Achcauhtli.

Kubo-San discovers the location of a portal near the little stone shrine they saw oh so long ago – where a stone statue moved to attack the vermin traitor Tsutomu! [1]

Saito researches the temple in his books and discovers ancient writings speaking of stone statues coming to life, of baking deserts, mighty lions, and it even has pictures of the sphynx-like creatures the Red Hand of Doom brought against the humans in the taking of Hakone, and one of the buildings described matches the sort of lair the evil necromancer druid Manabu. Apparently the stone lion gods had places of access in the old days and ruled the mountain kingdoms long before the war between tengu and kappa. Most likely the worship of Pazuzu and the rising power of the tengu birdmen put an end to the stone lion temples and it’s just the occasional old little shrine and statue that remain. With that information, Saito is able to identify the statue as some sort of golem-like creature from this ancient realm and after a few days he feels that he’ll be able to open a portal to the plane of Achcauhtli.

The next session will start with the party standing by the stone temple, all eyes on Saito as he scrapes iron nails in concentric circles on the huge boulder behind the stone basin, trying to find a humming sound in tune with the odd metallic screech of the nails…


Everybody reaches level 15!

(I feel that Aurin’s harrowing experience as a prisoner of the deathdrinker justifies her gaining two levels instead of the last 517 XP just being lost.)