2008-09-29 Tiamat

A thousand years later, an old man looks at his boy and starts telling him a story: “There was a time when dragons ruled the earth. Their reign was fierce and cruel. They watched from the skies, they swam in the rivers, they hunted the wilds. It was a strange time. Turtle demons walked the earth, bird men lived in the mountains, and foxes spoke the tongues of men. It is said that one particular town had gotten aid from the heavens. A band of pilgrims had grown into heroes. And this is how it ended…”

The camera cuts to the party as it prepares its assault on the fane of Tiamat. Buffing, teleport, big fight, and Fäm manages to cut off two of Tiamat’s heads, and Aurin’s sword Attaxa slays the aspect of Tiamat eventually.

A thousand years later, the camera zooms back and we see that the old man and the young boy have a skin that looks fainly like dragon scales. “Yes, that’s exactly what happened! And that’s why we pray to Kubo-San, lord of shadows every night, for every night he adds to his collection of teeth and keeps us safe.”

The camera zooms out and we see that the two descendants of dragons are sitting in front of a golden pyramid. The camera starts to glide up shining steps of polished gold, over mahogany floors, further up between shining columns, towards an ivory statue of Aurin presenting the legendary sword Attaxa to all supplicants.

“But what about the others, father?” asks the child. The old man shakes his head. “No songs mention them. It is said that the various wizards had supported the Pilgrims in their hour of need, but not much is said about them. If I knew more about the arcane arts I might know of their spells and the legendary things they built, but it seems that they left the material plane never to return.”

And with that the image fades and the light grows brighter and brighter. And suddenly we find ourselves on a plain. There is a forest in the background, and enormous birds gliding through the air up above. Suddenly an arrow races past us, and then another, and another, and another. We hear a chunk, a chunk, a chunk, a chunk, and glorious laughter. An eladrin voice bursts into song and the wild elves improvise a song on the spot. The camera turns towards them, and we see about a dozen people and the archer with a glowing vibrating bow. As she looks at her friends, the bow changes into a blade weapon, and finally folds away. And the spontaneous elven song bursts into the hymn of Nanami, fabled archer and eladrin friend of old. She passed away many centuries ago, but some of the people present still remember her. In fact, one of them gave her the very bow that ended up turning into the Blade-Bow of Nanami, a famous artifact used by the viridian kings.

And thus concludes our campaign started.