The single sacred mountain of Celestia rises from an infinite sea of holy water to incomprehensible heights. Here, justice, kindness, order, celestial grace, and mercy are the rules. Here, watchful eyes hold the ramparts against evil in all its many forms. Here, all things are beautiful. The Seven Mounting Heavens are the planar home for mortal souls of kindness and empathy for their fellow creatures. But it is a paradise that fiends of the lower planes would conquer if they could Mount Celestia is a promise of betterment and ultimate union with the powers of good and law for those worthy.

Mildly Good-Aligned and Mildly Law-Aligned: Evil or chaotic characters on Celestia suffer a –2 penalty on Charisma-based checks. Chaotic evil characters suffer a –4 penalty on Charisma-based checks.

The lowest level is called Lunia. They sky is dark and filled with stars. Allmost all portals open into the Silver Sea, an eternal ocean of holy water. A constant stream of petitioners in the form of lantern archons seek their way up to the higher levels. Mortals have build cities on the shores of Lunia. Akakura is one of these cities.

The Portal from Kurobano to Akakura opens onto a cliff rising above the Silver Sea. A path leads down to Akakura built at the foot of a huge rock wall. A big cleft in the rock wall is filled with the warm glow of fire. A pyramid has been built at the back of Akakura, rising towards the cleft and the fire light. Several spirit gates guarded by hound archons and mortal bureaucrats need to be passed in order to gain entrance to the [[Fire_Oracle?]].


Based Information from the Manual of the Planes.

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