Comments on 2007-04-30 Through The Magic Labyrinth

Very good write-up, Alex.

Don’t worry too much about the alignment - few adventurers would turn up the chance to open a sarcophagus. In D&D logic, grave robbing is only evil if they sell the body parts :) Attacking a Hound Archon isn’t quite so ok though, though to be fair, if the characters have never seen one before they could mistake it for a well-dressed gnoll. Maybe. In bad light.

It’s a minor picky point, but a standard attack is (almost always) a single attack. With the scorpion, they could make a single Claw attack then (if it hits) a grapple. It doesn’t matter that much at all really though - in the chaos of combat it’s better to go with the flow. Sounds to me like you ran it just fine.

I’ve still to pick up Barrow of the Forgotten King, and I’m sorely tempted now. Good words, all.

GreyWulf 2007-05-02 10:18 UTC

Hehe, you’re right. Alignment isn’t too important when it comes to roleplay: There will be in-game reactions to whatever player characters do; and if nobody sees them… :) Sometimes there is an effect of course: Protection from X and its ilk are sometimes important, and in one of our Sunday sessions, the (not 100%) neutral good druidess had a vision of Freya, asking her to enter her service. I’m no longer sure the player character merits the calling, but perhaps the vision will guide her towards the light. :) Too bad druid + cleric or druid + paladin multiclassing is a bit awkward because of the druid’s dislike for metal armor…

– AlexSchroeder 2007-05-02 21:06 UTC

as a chaotic neutral character, sometimes my action may appear evil. but i really like to rescue leera from may very evil party members. ;)

zeno 2007-05-07 09:31 UTC

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