Comments on 2007-10-01 Varanthian

Barely alive? How much closer do you have to get?

I’d say that being on -9HP, inside a Behir’s stomach, and taking 30HP damage/round (on average) is good enough to get the t-shirt. If you take into consideration that the Prayer spell shaved 3HP from previous damage and saved Kubo San from being hit once, we can pretty much give him the ‘Survivor of the year’ award and be done with it.

From now on there’ll be no more diving into unknown stomachs, no matter who went in first.

– Marco 2007-10-03 09:20 UTC

‘Survivor of the year’ also for Nanami, sitting two or (three?) rounds longer in this stinking acid stomach. Kubo we should get a lot of prestige points - withouzt a single roll ;)

zeno 2007-10-11 11:13 UTC

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