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I wondered: Will the party brave the Shining Pyramid of Set eventually, or will the party fight the temple of Orcus? I had the ambush prepared in order to make it clear that the temple of Set is really going after the players. The information about the dead sultana was fairly won without a fight.

I’m not yet sure where the party will go next: The Dead Gardens of the Sultana, or the Pyramid of Set? Or should I add an interlude, a “killing of rats mission” from the Salamanders? Perhaps Aurin’s rider Glabrezu will suggest the killing of one other person. Maybe it will suggest killing Zehn!! Hehe, that would be evil.

Actually I’m thinking of a sea mission: Help smuggle some more Samaghar salamanders into the city. Take a ship to Ras Tanura and make contact with Shafiq, bring him back if possible or take any messages he might be relaying. Pirates and monsters in a sea of fire – interesting?

– AlexSchroeder 2008-03-04 00:57 UTC

No doubt about it: Death to the evil set followers. Question is: How to do it?!?!

– Sektat 2008-03-04 11:50 UTC

Uh, lots of mummies?

– Adrian 2008-03-04 14:03 UTC

Some brainstorming?

Apparently the high priest of Set in the shining pyramid owns an evil artifact of terrible power… Some say it is a mask. Find a scholar or visit the library and find out about it? Eventually the result will be the same as above, but you’d be better prepared if you really want to fight your way to the boss.

All these suggestions would make for a nice two to three session story arc, I guess.

Another question: Where will you get Saito raised – in the temple of Pazuzu? Or find another temple?

– AlexSchroeder 2008-03-05 11:17 UTC

I like the “disguise ourselves as worshippers” approach – very Conan the Barbarian! In fact, the climactic battle could end with decapitating the high priest atop the pyramid and throwing his/her/its head down to the dismayed supplicants below.

– Adrian 2008-03-05 16:21 UTC

I think the content of the set pyramid might be a bit too high level for us. I’d assume that in a city like brass the temple (which is not just a regular out of the shelf temple! I don’t assume that all set temples are flying pyramids) will have quite a few high level characters. My guess is: High Priest (Will be able to cast spells level 8, maybe even 9): One Closest Followers (Probably spells level 6-7): Maybe a dozen? two dozen? Midranking Followers (about same level than we are): lots Low ranking followers (Up to Level 9): even more, but these don’t really count.

So what I have in mind is to continue the plan of creating discord between set followers and the effreet: Don the amulet of set (visibly) and attack some allies of the sultan (some minor temple? Guard Station?). Even worse: we do this using “Water / Ice” magic. We need to ensure that the damage is not too big (I don’t want the sultan to alert the whole city against us). The goal is to do some minor damage that cannot be ignored, but do it several times (That’s the reason why we must not do too much damage: If everybody is alerted, this won’t work a second / third time). The next step would be to goad some Guards or Effreets to attack some set personel and then let it evolve in a war… I expect the sultan to win this “war” clearly, so with some luck and effort we might even include some other allies of the efreets in this war…

– Daniel B 2008-03-05 23:00 UTC

I’m thinking of ways to make this more interesting that just three fights with three groups of Burning Dervishes using different battlemaps. How about…

  1. Organize a criminal spellcaster to Planeshift you to a world ruled by Set. There, break into a temple, kill the priest and steal two giant snakes. (Unfortunately nagas are too smart for this plan.) Make sure the snakes don’t see you as you kill the priests. Dress as the priests, take the snakes back to the city, using the priest’s equipment you fight the Burning Dervishes and leave the snakes behind. Even if they cast Speak With Animals they will only learn that some priests picked them up, took them here, and started a fight. It will be very strange and confusing but not big enough to bother Set’s ambassador.
  2. Aid a criminal organization to ambush some Burning Dervishes. Make sure you manage to hide yourselves amongst the mob. This will break the grip the Burning Dervishes have upon the lower city. Distribute some amulets of Set that you have aquired to “spread the word.” This will naturally aggravate the Sultan.
  3. Profit!!

Any ideas you’d like me to prepare? I’m always happy to incorporate cool scenes.

– AlexSchroeder 2008-03-06 12:47 UTC

To be that evil againts evil - isn’ t that evil, too?

Nanami, the good. ;)

zeno 2008-03-06 15:02 UTC

Well, this is the story of a heroic bands if interplanar travellers that came to the City of Brass trying to free their home plane from the evil rule of Tiamat, and not the story of a friendly band of primes stumbling into the City of Brass and trying to live happily ever after… :sardonic:

– AlexSchroeder 2008-03-06 15:42 UTC

> Any ideas you’d like me to prepare? 

I just hope that there won’t be endless discussions about what to do.

– Sektat 2008-03-08 21:31 UTC

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