2007-08-13 Ozyrrandion

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I think Kyoshi’s player will write about their first dragon killed: Ozyrrandion, the young green dragon guarding Skull Gorge bridge bit the dust… :)

Sa-Tsuki, Day 14 – 6 days after the marauder attack

„Where am I? What’s going on? Everybody seems to be frozen. Again. This happens once in a while, sometimes after some days, but sometimes after a few minutes. I wonder if the others are experiencing this too. And the creepy part is: Sometimes, not all come back……oh my god, Takeo is dissolving, TAAAAAAAAKKKEEEEEOOOOO”

The time rift closes again

The battle for the Skull Gorge Bridge continues. We have Kubo San and Kyoshi runnig up the first tower, and Aurin, Nanami and Tsutomu shooting arrows and magic missiles from the ground. There’s an unharmed green dragon in the air and a lot of veteran hobgoblins shooting arrows at the party. Three nice and well behaved hell hounds guard them.

While Kubo drinks a healpotion, Kyoshi reaches the top of the tower. After a fire shower from the hellhound, he was quickly surrounded by five enemies. However, they stood no chance against war-experienced Kyoshi, wielding his cold-new katana. With Kubos help the floor was wiped clean in a flinch of the eye, so both could start descending to the ground again.

Meanwhile the battle on the ground took a nasty turn. It seemed like every few seconds the dragon returned doing his acid breath attack on the party members. Only two excellent arrows from Nanami and a strangely widened scorching ray from Tsutomu forced the dragon to retreat and heal himself.

But all those hobgoblin arrows and the acid wore the ground party off. And when the dragon came back and actually landed besides Tsutomu, it was time for desperate actions.

Kubo San, still running down the stairs, realised that Tsutomu was in trouble. So he just jumped down from where he was and landed directly next to the dragon. Thanks to this action and a freshly summoned fiendish scorpion from Tsutomu the dragon started to fly again, charging up his breath weapon.

Kyoshi, also still running down the stairs, realised that it would take much too long to reach the second tower. Especially now that the haste spell wore off. So he decided to drink that mysterious fly potion they found at the castle. Freedom at last! Flying to Tsutomu! Getting another protection from evil and drinking a heal potion. Then he was ready. Kyoshi headed for the second tower.

After a very short time Kyoshi landed there….and wiped the floor with the hobgoblins beeing there….not anymore!

Aurin quickly realised that Kyoshi might need help if thing goes bad. She also started flying to the second tower, yielding hew wonderful huge new sword “Lightbringer”. Arriving there, she used her sword and……FIRST BLOOD for this blade! Her sword sliced another hobgoblin.

Still, things were not going well for the ones fighting the dragon. Tsutomu almost got unconscious when the dragon attacked him again. But they keept the dragon busy!

Aurin and Kyoshi wanted to fly to the other side of the bridge, however, soon they saw the dragon waiting in the canyon for his next attack.


All or nothing. Kyoshi attacked the dragon doing a nose dive attack, yelling “everybody help me now!!! Attack the dragon in the canyon!!”, followed by Aurin. Aurin hit the dragon first, and Kyoshi right after that. Luckily the ground forces Kubo, Tsutomu and Nanami heard Kyoshi and ran to the bridge.

Now it’s Kubo San’s time. He looked the dragon directly in the eye, and the dragon looked back, already feeling his doom. Kubo aimed, shot, and……………………….

Kubo hit him directly in the eye! Deadly wounded the dragon fell down to the river. Kyoshi turned his head and smiled at the remaining hobgoblins on the other side…

After the battle the looting started. There was great treasure on the dragon and many potions around. When all was done&searched, Aurin, still flying around, used her stoneshape spell on a weak spot on the bridge to collapse it.

Mission accomplished! Enemy troops slowed down. They will come, but we will be prepared.


Challenges overcome:

I made the encounter a bit tougher by using four more hobgoblin veterans and one more hellhound than written; but on the other hand I forgot two hobgoblin sergeants. Oh well. As the combat took the entire session, I didn’t use the manticore I wanted to add half way into the fight.

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