2008-01-07 Azalor

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The players decided they didn’t want to visit the Pagoda of the Inscrutable Ones… No meeting with the gauth beholder librarians, the beholder head librarian, the yak folk sorcerers, fighters, and clerics, the advanced elite evolved brain in a jar, no ogre mages, brass golem, no female efreet monk that would have been able to take them to the City of Brass. And players were tired so we got of to a very, very slow start. I sometimes wish I were a better DM, able to pull people in regardless.

My campaign wiki told me I had some more Chaos points available on Kubo’s subplot. I had planned for a duel – a challenge issued by one of the remaining champions of the Red Hand of Doom. But the party didn’t want to do it. So I improvised a minotaur war party based on some printouts I had. The party spent a long time wondering how to fight the warband. As the master of ceremony I’ll have to remember this. Certain tactical challenges seem to work very well. Mostly these seem to involve battle maneuvers and buff spells. Tactical elements in storytelling seem to work as well: Telling the peasants to build fortifactions or to flood the rice paddies, for example. Other tactical challenges like figuring out how to fight a party of fifty minotaurs are no fun because the players take a long time to make decisions and agonize a lot. I think part of the turn-off is the need to be “creative on demand.”

Eventually the party fought four minotaurs, a greathorn minotaur, an elite minotaur whipmaster, and a tiefling fighter 6/black guard 6 and got hit only once thanks to the enlarged spiked chained wielding trip master in our party. Not challenging at all for our party of average level 9. And I thought the encounter was at the upper limit because of the tiefling. Amazing. This encounter was a push over, and the last encounter against the earth elementals was too difficult. On the one hand it is nice if a build really works, but on the other hand the lack of a challenge makes for a boring fight.

After the fight I did the Kubo San reward scenes I had in mind. He made another prestige roll giving him an awesome prestige of 18. I did not have the heart to have him make a roll to avoid loosing a point because of declining the duel.

I’m not sure what to do next. When ideas don’t work out as expected, I need to rethink my plans. Perhaps things are going in the wrong direction, here.

How to rescue them game… I need to think! Think!

I guess I should just think ahead: What would be a really awesome scene for the next session and just fast forward as quickly as possible and skip everything in between.

Forget about the City of Brass Tournament module by Robert J. Kuntz that contains a long list of encounters in the area around the city of brass. Here’s the plan:

  1. reach the City of Brass – make this short!
  2. figure out a way to gain entrance to the city – the party doesn’t know that this can be hard
  3. find out which smith was involved with Attaxa
  4. figure out who was behind it
  5. kill the smith (back to Aurin’s subplot)

In the mean time, don’t forget about Nanami’s subplot involving the eladrin. That’s another subplot where the party can gain Chaos points. I told them I was looking for decisions of Law vs. Chaos in order to see whether Fudo’s alignment shifts from Lawful Good to (eventually) Chaotic Good. If the party keeps providing chaotic help, then that’s what’s going to happen.

I’ve awarded Chaos points for the following:

As Aurin’s player is on holidays right now, I can move away from the Attaxa subplot a bit.

I also need to see whether Saito & Fäm are interested in their own subplots.


Todo. A yak-folk sorcerer CR 7 from last session, minotaurs 4 × CR 4, CR7, CR 8, and tiefling CR 12.

Current XP:

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