2008-01-14 Desert

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< * Bearded Devils, 4 \times CR 6


> * Bearded Devils, 4 × CR 6

I prepared a prison escape for the captured Tiefling Azalor. As the party left the next day, I figured they would be unable to prevent it. Azalor’s scrying friend Maru is a Wizard 9 with a red abishai friend (Fiendish Codex 2) called Kuruto. He would have used Scry on his imprisoned friend, used Teleport to get himself and the abishai I would have used a Necklace of Fireballs against the trip master in the party and Phantasmal Killer, Lightning Bolt, and Wall of Force. Alas, all this prep in vain…

I also planned for the party to Shadow Walk into a desert town and prepared two Shadow Plane encounters. But the party decided to take a ship instead. I decided to not improvise a sea encounter and move towards the City of Brass. I managed to use one Shadow Plane encounter on the Material Plane: The Umbral Banyan (Manual of the Planes). It didn’t Plane Shift because I had decided it would do that once it had two characters “yanked upward”. Nice fight. If you’re not grappled, you get to do Full Attacks. No maneuvering and no battlemap necessary. Nice and simple.

Then we started with the City of Brass by Necromancer Games. I decided that having the city of Dawwad be cut off from the world by djinn princes was too weird. So I decided that the city was sacked about a hundred years ago by Izkandr and his devils, and that he had another reason for staying in the city.

The party arrived, read some hieroglyphs regarding Anumon, god of creation and keeper of gates, the genies that helped build the Material Planes, their city of gold, their rebellion, the role of the efreeti, the fall of their evil king Iblis, the transformation of gold to brass and their casting down of the city, something about Anumon’s prophets and a whole lot of confusing useless local details.

As they spent time outside, they were surprised by the four bearded devils and bested them. Then Izkandr the horned devil arrived and told them to leave immediately, calling them dogs and puny mortals. The party obliged but decided to camp in a ruined house inside the city. Ten minutes comes Izkandr, calls them insolent dogs and suicidal. They talk back to him and he picks the Fäm and orders him to approach. Fäm decides that now is a good time to run. The devil takes -4 to do non-lethal damage and stuns the poor fighter. The devil walks up to him, grabs him by the neck and drags him towards the temple.

Nanami wants to parley and asks to make a deal. The devil sees an opportunity to draw them to the dark side: Let them bring the water stone from the dark oasis — he whips out four hellish contracts and asks them to sign it. Whenever he needs to make a point, he bonks Fäm’s head.

Kubo San gets ideas and starts arguing. The devil tells him to heel. Kubo San decides this is a good moment to turn and run. The devil uses his spiked chain to deal non-lethal damage and to stun the Shadow Dancer. Fortitude DC 27 is a bit tough. He picks up Kubo San and whenever he needs to make a point, he bangs Fäm’s head and Kubo San’s head together. The disrespect he shows and the casual joy he derives from mistreating them is hilarious.

The party signs the contract.

They meet a strange man in the desert to the East. Hi, is this the way to the dark oasis. It sure is. Right over there, by those foothills. Cool. Thanks. Bye. Cheers. And off they go. – I loved it. What a weird encounter. :)

When they come to the refugee camp, they talk some and discover that their Diplomacy still sucks. Nanami decides to present them with a lunar ravager signal horn. This is a very impressive gift and the leader of the refugees, Ranmaash the Elder, gives them a large non-magical efreeti falchion in exchange and passes on some genie lore: They live on the Inner Planes. The efreet live on the Plane of Fire, the djinn live on the Plane of Air, the dao live on the Plane of Earth, and the Marids live on the plane of Water. There are also janni that live on the Material Plane because they are not strongly associated with any of the four elements. Some of them can grant wishes. They can all Plane Shift. Ranmaash also explains that they each speak their own language from the Inner Planes: The efreet speak Ignan, the djinn speak Auran, the dao speak Terran, and the Marids speak Aquan. This particular falchion belonged to an efreeti called Amr who was slain by four jann not far from the refugee camp.

The refugees point the party in the direction of the dark oasis, and the party manages to sneak up to the oasis and retrieve the stone of water using a Sphere of Invisibility, Silence, Water Breathing, Status, and so on. They retreat back into the desert while the stone keeps producing 50 gallons of water every round. That’s a lot of water, and it doesn’t take long for a patrol of six Lotus Eaters to come upon the strange track.

We ended the session as the Lotus Eaters catch up to the party.


A yak-folk sorcerer CR 7 from two sessions ago, minotaurs 4 × CR 4, CR7, CR 8, and tiefling CR 12 from a session ago, and the following:

Current XP:

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