2008-03-17 Mansoor

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< * _[[Fäm]]_: 67933 + 1987 = 69920 (Mnk-2/Sor-1/Brb-1/Ftr-1/Dra-7)


> * [[Fäm]]: 67933 + 1987 = 69920 (Mnk-2/Sor-1/Brb-1/Ftr-1/Dra-7)


< * _[[Aurin]]_: 58601 + 3197 = 61798 => 50000 (Clr-8/Ftr-2)


> * [[Aurin]]: 58601 + 3197 = 61798 => 50000 (Clr-8/Ftr-2)

The session begins with railroads, some talk and color, has a nice little fight in the middle that is easily won, but ends in the middle of a big fight with Aurin dead. The Plane of Fire requires a lot of protection and resistance magic… Maximized enlarged fireballs—deadly as hell.

The session consisted of a mission from the Samaghar salamanders. One of their agents in the efreet outpost Mansoor had gone missing. Its name is Xenophon, and it is to be rescued or terminated. The same night Saito had a dream: Pazuzu came and told him to kill somebody called Garulan – a life for a life and all that.

This was followed by some color scenes in the harbor and on the sea of fire: The herbalist and news dealer called Aroon, the small transporter run by captain Abdul-Latif and his three efreeti and his fifteen azer slaves, the oily sea turning into a roarding fire storm on the second day, how the efreeti don’t eat, are loyal servants of the sultan, etc.

There’s another passenger on the ship called Garulan. A veiled woman. Nanami tries to discover something about her, talking to her, going over to dine with her, telling her of the party’s adventures. All she discovers is that Garulan seems to be hiding something about her past, is eager to get away from the City of Brass, knows of a portal in Mansoor, and is probably hunted.

Before arriving in Mansoor the party is assaulted by some fire elementals that are driving a fire whale into the ship. The efreet take care of most of the elementals, but the whale and two large elementals are dealt with by the party.

In Mansoor, the party asks around. The first salamander they scare off as soon as they start talking about high treason against the sultan. Yes, the salamanders are all slaves, but being contacted by obvious aliens in the middle of the street talking treason is not smart. The salamander will probably be contacting the authorities just in case.

The party descends into the bowl where the free salamanders live. The former slaves, the ones that bought their own freedom and are now reduced to the lowest dregs of society. There, they contact a low life salamander called Al-Lurr and who pointed at the Imix cathedral… Imix, Iblis, who cares, right? But it seems that the salamanders care, for below the big prayer room is a warren of tunnels leading to their place of power devoted to the true Imix. The Imix above had an undefined abdomen and legs that faded away. It looked very much like an efreet. Down here, Imix has a long and strong tail. A salamander.

The party enters the holies of holies, talks to the noble salamander who runs this place, but finally it all comes to naught as the salamanders decide that nobody else knows that they have taken Xenophon and that they only need to kill the party…

I made some mistakes in this fight. I forgot about the tail attacks that the salamanders had. Not that many of the medium salamanders ever got a chance to use it. But the small salamanders had a few full-round attacks that went without a tail attack. After the first Snow Storm, I was undecided: Should the noble salamander use Dispell Magic or try Summon VII. I went for summoning and the salamander lasted just one more round. All it managed to cast at the end was a Fireball. The flamefiends did not attack once, I think, and the small salamanders kept dying left and right.

Marcel kept asking: “Where are the real enemies? We have barely taken damage!” I decided to have an extra noble salamander come from another tunnel. Out of sight, it summoned a huge fire elemental, sent it ahead, and behind its cover, the salamander cast Fireball. And we’re talking maximized and enlarged fireballs, here. Each one deals sixty points of damage (max. 10d6), Reflex DC 15 for half.

Saito goes into the negatives, recovers. I forgot the Fortitude safe for massive damage and instant death. Aurin goes into the negatives, recovers. Everybody is happy that Nanami has a magic item from the Magic Item Compendium that allows her to heal 1d4+5 if an ally drops to -10 or less.

But it is not enough. Third fireball. 60 points, Reflex DC 15 for half. Aurin fails her save again, goes down and stays down.

The huge fire elemental keeps hitting. More small firebrother salamanders climb out of the lava…

But time runs out and we will have to continue this fight next session.


Two large fire elementals CR 5, a fire whale CR 10. Undecided: Two noble salamanders CR 10, six normal salamanders CR 6, fifteen firebrother salamanders CR 3, two firefiends CR 7.

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