2008-04-07 Lephrelourge

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The heroes defeat the elite mohrgh juvenile green dragon Lephrelourge and investigate the Shearphorus and end up seeing bronze great wyrm desperately wanting to hear “the” name spoken – whatever that means.

The fight with Lephrelourge started with a tongue attack against our wizard Saito, paralyzing him. The party retreats and the trip master announces that he needs to buff for 3 rounds (magic weapon on his chain, greater invisibility on himself, then truestrikes). The archer tries in vain to overcome AC 39. The cleric puts away her flaming sword Attaxa. The Daylight spell on Saito’s staff is the only source of light remaining. With the rest of the party reforming elsewhere and apparently immune to acid, Lephrelourge does the only thing that makes sense: It grabs Saito, swallows him hole, and flies to the hole leading down to the emerald graveyard. Bludgeoning damage and a negative level every round for the wizard! PAAANIC!!!

The chain-wielding tripmaster moves to the hole where Lephrelourge is squeezing through, ready for an Attack of Opportunity. Lephrelourge disappears into the hole, Fäm truestrikes, Lephrelourge takes some damage, emerges at the bottom end, and being an average flier it needs to make Reflex save to avoid stalling, fails, and crashes, taking 5d6 damage (assuming that the hole itself is not contributing to the falling damage). And no damage resistance against falling damage! We also assume the wizard inside is not taking any falling damage, haha.

A desperate plan is formed: The archer will jump after the dragon, landing on him! I agree to the plan and tell them that I’ll use 5d6 falling damage and apply it to both the archer and the dragon. That’s enough to kill the undead dragon.


Challenges overcome: Lephrelourge CR 11, two tongues of rebuke CR 9, the ogre wizard Trauzek CR 9.

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See also Comments on 2008-04-07 Lephrelourge