2008-04-28 Shopping

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The party defeats evil monks that have been following them, questions one of them; Aurin has a dream; and the party gets rid of the Glabrezu Kaulifargh.

The monks have been following the party and try to ambush them. They are butchered like dogs. One of them is healed and questioned. Apparently Fäm’s home abbey has been reconstructed by some of the survivors and a group has been trying to find the patron red dragon Goraniflargathix as Tiamat has been calling evil dragons back to the plane.

At the same time Aurin has a dream of Amaterasu, the goddess of light, to awaken the sleeping goddess Tevra in the Quietude by pouring some Water of Law on her. Apparently this is created by weeping gods and demigods. The Fudo priest at the City of Brass apparently has found a way to reach Tevra via a hidden tunnel.

The gold dragon’s treasure is revealed and contains a lot of items useful to planar travelers, many flasks of assorted elemental and magical liquids, and some interesting relics, and a ring to contact Kerkoutha, warden of the South Wind Gate to the palace of Bahamut on Celestia. She agrees to become his agent.

The party also exorcises and fights the Glabrezu Kaulifargh. After a while I used an egg timer set to five minutes to cut down on the planning. Correct planning assured victory with a Magic Circle against Evil protecting the party against domination by the incorporeal Glabrezu. Only later did I read that “you trace a 3-foot diameter circle on the floor (or ground) around the creature to be warded.” That would have basically made it impossible to use. That would certainly have changed things. Asking Nanami to enter such a circle would certainly have warned the demon. Cheaters!!

Anyway, that, magic weapons, and Align Weapon (good) was required for the party to succeed. Everything else was overplanning and not too interesting.

There was also a lot of shopping which is a typical player-only activity. The monks with their +1 rings and +2 bracers and other stuff brought lots of money into the party.

Next session will start in the Quietude at the entrance of the tunnel. (Something I have from Beyond Countless Doorways by Monte Cook, Wolfgang Baur, Colin McComb, and Ray Vallese.)


Challenges overcome: Six monks CR 8, their boss CR 12, an incorporeal Glabrezu CR 11.

See also Comments on 2008-04-28 Shopping