2008-06-16 Oszkar

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The party made camp, realized that Red Wisdom was approaching with some minions, teleported to Kurobano, gave the box of wine bottles worth 500gp to Lord Kurobano, Kubo spent 2000gp in order to equip fifty of his desert villagers with studded leather armor and a katana in order to form a platoon in his honor, which he presented to Lord Kurobano for the defense of the city in his absence. Lord Kurobano accepted them into his army, securing them a job and decent homes for their families. The refugees will never forget his foresight and his generosity, that’s for sure.

Some teleport problems and miscommunications then resulted in the party taking several days to return to the cursed abbey. When they arrived, they found a note by Red Wisdom offering a deal, but Fäm didn’t want to start dealing with demons. He already suspected that there were in fact two factions battling for control of the abbey.

The party entered again, investigated the dimensional effects in the library, smashed Kelemen’s mirror, triggered the trap that summoned the chaos beast, and finally confronted Oszkar the Black in the grand chapel – an accomplished archer riding the nightmare and his fiendish boars. Just as they were about to finish him off, Red Wisdom comes marching in with his new minions. Quickly the party and Oszkar unite their efforts to battle off the demons, but with out an Oil of Bless Weapon or an Align Weapon spell, Oszkar is not very effective against the demons. Quite unlike his effectiveness against humans…

With the demons defeated, Oszkar seems to be interested in leaving. Warily – suspecting treachery – he explains that the high priest of the Cult of the Broken Word was Samuka. Apparently he vanished in the dimensional shift that now infects the dark abbey. Kelemen the Gentle tried to research a way to fix the problem. When asked about Samuka, all the party learns is that about a year ago the Cult received orders to start sacrificing people, and apparently not too long ago Samuka started using a new and bloodthirsty dagger for the rituals, even going so far as to sacrifice some of his own cultists. About two weeks ago a party of demon hunters attempted to assault the abbey, but Samuka was granted the aid of some demons to repel the attack. The demon hunters were all slain. Unfortunately the presence of the demons drove Samuka completely mad and he attempted the dimension shifting ritual that apparently misfired, believing this to be the first step on his path to ascension to demonhood. With Samuka gone, the demons started to squabble and rebel, each taking up residence in a separate room, neither willing to submit nor to cooperate. As a final parting advice, Oszkar warns the party of the eastern corridor that has been trapped with some more traps – not just the summoned chaos beast.

And some mistakes I made this session: The demons should not be able to teleport – remember the dimensional anchor effect discovered at the beginning of the session! And Ozsak should have been granted and additional +6 because his favorite enemy are humans. And I forgot to enforce that all movement was through difficult terrain, benches or not, because of the jelly nature of the abbey inside the dimensional effect. Next time… :)


Challenges overcome: Oszkar the Black CR 11, cauchemar nightmare CR 11, six fiendish advanced boars CR 4, a hezrou CR 11, three vrocks CR 9, Red Wisdom again CR 12, Summon Monster VI trap CR 8.

New level for Fäm, Nanami, and Kubo.

See also Comments on 2008-06-16 Oszkar