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Editing 2008-06-09 Red Wisdom


I skipped one session report… We’ve been playing some more, and the party finished with the part of the abbey held by the demons. Yay! :)

This session I tried to used an iPod to play some background music while we played. I chose the → Vagrant Story (en) Original Soundtrack. I loved this game (but failed to beat the last boss several times because I never figured out what sort of weapon I needed to beat it). I’m not sure whether it worked all that well. We have a chronic sissy player who loves to complain about everything. He was not impressed. Then again, I promised myself to ignore any and all of his opinions since they mostly contradict each other anyway… Maybe I should keep playing the music to spite him… :sardonic:

We ended the session with Red Wisdom escaping. We now have four escaped demons: the two vrocks Hezrozot and Hezrozat, the half-scorpion gharros demon, and Red Wisdom.


Challenges overcome: Two advanced vrocks CR 10, six advanced caryatid columns CR 7, Dread Chathless the draka demon CR 11, a gharros demon CR 10, poison needle trap CR 2, greenblood darts CR 7, two stone golems CR 11, two Black Son adepts CR 3, two cultist guards CR 4, Kelemen the Gentle CR 11, three hell moths CR 6, fire trap CR 6, Red Wisdom the aeshma demon CR 12.

  • Fäm: 85960 + 3803 = 89763 (Mnk-2*Sor-1*Brb-1*Ftr-1*Dra-8)
  • Nanami: 85489 + 3803 = 89292 (Ftr-8*Clr-2*Rgr-2/Mnk-1)
  • Saito: 79213 + 3803 = 83016 (Clr-3*Wiz-3*Mys-7)
  • Kubo: 71055 + 4920 = 75975 (Rng-6*Ftr-1*Rog-1/Sha-4)
  • Aurin: 61380 + 6655 = 68035 (Clr-10/Ftr-2)

New level for Aurin! :)

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