2008-06-16 Oszkar

The party made camp, realized that Red Wisdom was approaching with some minions, teleported to Kurobano, gave the box of wine bottles worth 500gp to Lord Kurobano, Kubo spent 2000gp in order to equip fifty of his desert villagers with studded leather armor and a katana in order to form a platoon in his honor, which he presented to Lord Kurobano for the defense of the city in his absence. Lord Kurobano accepted them into his army, securing them a job and decent homes for their families. The refugees will never forget his foresight and his generosity, that’s for sure.

Some teleport problems and miscommunications then resulted in the party taking several days to return to the cursed abbey. When they arrived, they found a note by Red Wisdom offering a deal, but Fäm didn’t want to start dealing with demons. He already suspected that there were in fact two factions battling for control of the abbey.

The party entered again, investigated the dimensional effects in the library, smashed Kelemen’s mirror, triggered the trap that summoned the chaos beast, and finally confronted Oszkar the Black in the grand chapel – an accomplished archer riding the nightmare and his fiendish boars. Just as they were about to finish him off, Red Wisdom comes marching in with his new minions. Quickly the party and Oszkar unite their efforts to battle off the demons, but with out an Oil of Bless Weapon or an Align Weapon spell, Oszkar is not very effective against the demons. Quite unlike his effectiveness against humans…

With the demons defeated, Oszkar seems to be interested in leaving. Warily – suspecting treachery – he explains that the high priest of the Cult of the Broken Word was Samuka. Apparently he vanished in the dimensional shift that now infects the dark abbey. Kelemen the Gentle tried to research a way to fix the problem. When asked about Samuka, all the party learns is that about a year ago the Cult received orders to start sacrificing people, and apparently not too long ago Samuka started using a new and bloodthirsty dagger for the rituals, even going so far as to sacrifice some of his own cultists. About two weeks ago a party of demon hunters attempted to assault the abbey, but Samuka was granted the aid of some demons to repel the attack. The demon hunters were all slain. Unfortunately the presence of the demons drove Samuka completely mad and he attempted the dimension shifting ritual that apparently misfired, believing this to be the first step on his path to ascension to demonhood. With Samuka gone, the demons started to squabble and rebel, each taking up residence in a separate room, neither willing to submit nor to cooperate. As a final parting advice, Oszkar warns the party of the eastern corridor that has been trapped with some more traps – not just the summoned chaos beast.

And some mistakes I made this session: The demons should not be able to teleport – remember the dimensional anchor effect discovered at the beginning of the session! And Ozsak should have been granted and additional +6 because his favorite enemy are humans. And I forgot to enforce that all movement was through difficult terrain, benches or not, because of the jelly nature of the abbey inside the dimensional effect. Next time… :)


Challenges overcome: Oszkar the Black CR 11, cauchemar nightmare CR 11, six fiendish advanced boars CR 4, a hezrou CR 11, three vrocks CR 9, Red Wisdom again CR 12, Summon Monster VI trap CR 8.

  • Fäm: 89763 + 2405 = 92168 (Mnk-2/Sor-1/Brb-1/Ftr-1/Dra-9)
  • Nanami: 89292 + 2405 = 91697 (Ftr-8/Clr-2/Rgr-2/Mnk-2)
  • Saito: 83016 + 2405 = 85421 (Clr-3/Wiz-3/Mys-7)
  • Kubo: 75975 + 3060 = 79035 (Rng-6/Ftr-1/Rog-1/Sha-5)
  • Aurin: 68035 + 3060 = 71095 (Clr-10/Ftr-2)

New level for Fäm, Nanami, and Kubo.

See also Comments on 2008-06-16 Oszkar

Comments on 2008-06-16 Oszkar

I suppose Kubo San, Nanami and Fäm changed level. I will do the level change now….

– Sektat 2008-06-20 10:53 UTC


– AlexSchroeder 2008-06-20 16:40 UTC

Hurray for the multiclass chickens! :-P

– AlexSchroeder 2008-06-21 07:52 UTC

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2008-06-09 Red Wisdom

I skipped one session report… We’ve been playing some more, and the party finished with the part of the abbey held by the demons. Yay! :)

This session I tried to used an iPod to play some background music while we played. I chose the → Vagrant Story (en) Original Soundtrack. I loved this game (but failed to beat the last boss several times because I never figured out what sort of weapon I needed to beat it). I’m not sure whether it worked all that well. We have a chronic sissy player who loves to complain about everything. He was not impressed. Then again, I promised myself to ignore any and all of his opinions since they mostly contradict each other anyway… Maybe I should keep playing the music to spite him… :sardonic:

We ended the session with Red Wisdom escaping. We now have four escaped demons: the two vrocks Hezrozot and Hezrozat, the half-scorpion gharros demon, and Red Wisdom.


Challenges overcome: Two advanced vrocks CR 10, six advanced caryatid columns CR 7, Dread Chathless the draka demon CR 11, a gharros demon CR 10, poison needle trap CR 2, greenblood darts CR 7, two stone golems CR 11, two Black Son adepts CR 3, two cultist guards CR 4, Kelemen the Gentle CR 11, three hell moths CR 6, fire trap CR 6, Red Wisdom the aeshma demon CR 12.

  • Fäm: 85960 + 3803 = 89763 (Mnk-2/Sor-1/Brb-1/Ftr-1/Dra-8)
  • Nanami: 85489 + 3803 = 89292 (Ftr-8/Clr-2/Rgr-2/Mnk-1)
  • Saito: 79213 + 3803 = 83016 (Clr-3/Wiz-3/Mys-7)
  • Kubo: 71055 + 4920 = 75975 (Rng-6/Ftr-1/Rog-1/Sha-4)
  • Aurin: 61380 + 6655 = 68035 (Clr-10/Ftr-2)

New level for Aurin! :)

See also Comments on 2008-06-09 Red Wisdom

Comments on 2008-06-09 Red Wisdom

“chronic sissy player who loves to complain about everything” thats not me, I hope! ;)

zeno 2008-06-11 08:00 UTC

I didn’t want to mention any names… :D

– AlexSchroeder 2008-06-11 11:05 UTC

you know, i’m working hard for my image. ;)

zeno 2008-06-11 14:45 UTC

Actually, the 12th isn’t sooo new for aurin… somewhere in her unconsious mind there’s something like a shady dust of a memory of all the abilities that she’s gaining at 12th level… ;)

– Moni 2008-06-13 14:13 UTC

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2008-05-19 Hezrozet

What happend to the old abbey where Faem grew up? When the party passed through the half destroyed front gate, there were already signs of battle all around. On their walk to the little guesthouse they were attacked by 10 wolflike creatures, which were wiped out soon. More investigation is needed! Checking the old stable revealed some battle where fireballs must have been used. Hmmmmm. Wizards attacking the abbey?

Checking out the guest house….it was evident that people tried to hide in the guesthouse, the windows were barricaded and so was the door. However, the door could be opened just a little bit. Not enough for a human to pass through, but maybe for other things…The party crashed in and soon the party noticed something unnatural in the upper level of the guesthouse.

Checking it out….it turns out to be a bodak (consequences, see below)!! The undead remnants of (probably) a monk living here who has been destroyed by the touch of ABSOLUTE EVIL. Oh my god! What’s going on here? What evil lurks here in the abbey? Whoever infested it? All the party wanted is to find out more about an artifact of an old red dragon….and then they find this…..

Proceeding to the gate….another attack!! Two dragonlike creatures with magic leashes around their neck which forces them to guard the entrance. This shows that they don’t guard this on their on will! The evil here must be so strong that those kind of creatures doesn’t ally with it.

Going in!!

Another surprise: A half-fiend ettin with his pet dragonlike creature attacks the party. Two more clues in the abbey: A vrock attacking the party and pictures of tortures and demons on the wall. Even the blind can see it now. Faems old abbey has been infested by the absolute evil. demons from hell…..

Are they prepared? Is the party prepared?

One dead, one petrified, and the beginning of hack’n’slash in the citadel.

The session started with quite a bang. In the second round of combat Aurin died from a bodak gaze, failing her Fortitude save with a natural 1. The dracolisks were no problem, but the ettin with his pet gorgimera petrified Saito. Wow!

The party had not even reached the doors of the abbey.

They teleported back to their home base, got scrolls, regained their strength, and went for another expedition. The party went through three more rooms, until I decided to call it a day.

I was half an hour early and earned astonished looks all around. What had happened? Somehow the open door, roll for Initiative, kill them all, search the room was getting to me. I looked at the clock two or three times. Always a bad sign.

  • Too tired. I should not get up early on Mondays lest I be tired when it is time to play. It’s always a bad sign if I’m looking at room descriptions and two players are idly rolling dice for themselves.
  • Group dynamics make me skip descriptions and atmosphere. The result is a miniature combat game instead of a roleplaying game. This is particularly annoying because some players send conflicting signals. Alone, they claim that it is less interesting. At the table, group dynamics makes them cry “let’s roll for Initiative!”
  • Make plot elements more obvious. Don’t just say that there is a bodak in the guest house, and that a Fireball must have blown up the other house. Why is the bodak there? Who barricaded the guest house? Who placed the ettin there? Why did the dracolisks have Leashstones? Have the monsters capable of speech scream insults and threats as well as spilling some background information. Maybe I should look at cinema for inspiration. Have flashback scenes showing what happened back then. Hmm… Food for thought.
  • I should be better prepared to make it a dynamic dungeon. I realized when the group retreated to their homebase that I had failed to prepare a backup plan for the empty entry hall. I should prepare some “mobile” encounters that will refill the ranks if the party retreats.


Challenges overcome: Katacheck the bodak CR 8, two fiendish black dracolisks CR 9, a fiendish gorgimera, a half-fiend ettin, two medium spiders CR 1, two spider swarms CR 1, Hezrozet the vrock CR9.

  • Fäm: 85440 + 520 = 85960 (Mnk-2/Sor-1/Brb-1/Ftr-1/Dra-8)
  • Nanami: 84969 + 520 = 85489 (Ftr-8/Clr-2/Rgr-2/Mnk-1)
  • Saito: 78693 + 520 = 79213 (Clr-3/Wiz-3/Mys-7)
  • Kubo: 70395 + 660 = 71055 (Rng-6/Ftr-1/Rog-1/Sha-4)
  • Aurin: 60500 + 660 = 61380 (Clr-9/Ftr-2)

See also Comments on 2008-05-19 Hezrozet

Comments on 2008-05-19 Hezrozet

Cool, merci Marcel! :ok:

– AlexSchroeder 2008-05-20 09:17 UTC

Ah, so that’s what we were doing in the abbey.

Kubo was just tagging along for the bloodsport.

– Marco 2008-05-20 10:02 UTC

And trying to figure out who is apparently helping Tiamat to gather powerful evil dragons on this plane. And to try and figure out something about Fäm’s ancestry.

– AlexSchroeder 2008-05-20 10:58 UTC

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2008-05-12 Sleeping God’s Soul

I’ve run the players through the Sleeping God’s Soul section in Beyond Countless Doorways by Monte Cook, Wolfgang Baur, Colin McComb, and Ray Vallese. It was a nice little adventure with a small number of scenes:

  • The two elves looking for a way out; it had the potential for doing evil and finding loot, but the party resisted temptation and continued on the side of Good.
  • Gudmun and Sighvat – Gudmun got subdued and not killed (another point against Evil), Sighvat was turned into a toad before he could turn the party wizard into a toad. This one was typical for the party as their social skills are miserable (ie. “not level appropriate”). I’d say a point for “Neutral”. With Sighvat dead, I felt free to introduce a lot more mayhem and fighting. Definitely a point for Chaos.
  • As the nightmare startet, the party fought three Inevitables before resting. That was a neat little fight to introduce them to negative levels and to test their strength. I still wasn’t sure how many end monsters to use: one or two? After this fight I decided to use two.
  • During the night an army of modrons assembled. They can’t hit the party, but provide fun color. And cover. And they illustrated the consequences of the “chaotic” choice.
  • In the end scene, two maruts are fought. It was interesting and dangerous, and I now know that CR 17 is well within the realms of the possible.
  • The goddess Tevra awakens from her sleep, rearranges the plane, gives Aurin a lot of knowledge about her cult and history, and sends them on. A nice little plot development scene for those players that care about the larger picture. Amaterasu sent Aurin to free Tevra who had destroyed this plane to use it as a hiding place from Devarkanis, apparently some sort of slaad power. I was trying to convey to my players a sense of a multiverse in motion with Tiamat’s conquest of their home plane. Other things are moving, and if players really want, they can start following other plot lines (eg. move away from the City of Brass and into slaad territory).

We’re now starting into Dungeon Crawl Classics #18: Citadel of the Demon Prince. The party is about to enter Fäm’s old abbey – the abbey mentioned by the evil monks slaughtered outside the gate to Dragon Fall on the Plane of Molten Skies. The monks were apparently interested in figuring out where their patron saint dragon was so that they could recall it in the name of Tiamat. Then again, the newly awakened goddess Tevra mentioned that Pazuzu was also starting to show an interest in the player character’s homeplane and that there was some sort of rift forming… The players are therefore now at the abbey in the search of some answers.


Challenges overcome: kolyarut CR 12, two zelekhuts CR 9, Gudmun CR 8, Sighvat CR 10.

  • Fäm: 80240 + 1300 = 81540 (Mnk-2/Sor-1/Brb-1/Ftr-1/Dra-8)
  • Nanami: 79769 + 1300 = 81069 (Ftr-8/Clr-2/Rgr-2/Mnk-1)
  • Saito: 71553 + 1740 = 73293 (Clr-3/Wiz-3/Mys-6)
  • Kubo: 68655 + 1740 = 70395 (Rng-6/Ftr-1/Rog-1/Sha-4)
  • Aurin: 65059 + 2310 = 67369 (Clr-10/Ftr-2)

Challenges overcome: two marut CR 15.

  • Fäm: 81540 + 3900 = 85440 (Mnk-2/Sor-1/Brb-1/Ftr-1/Dra-8)
  • Nanami: 81069 + 3900 = 84969 (Ftr-8/Clr-2/Rgr-2/Mnk-1)
  • Saito: 73293 + 5400 = 78693 (Clr-3/Wiz-3/Mys-7)
  • Aurin: 67369 + 5400 = 72769 (Clr-10/Ftr-2)
  • Kubo: 70395 (Rng-6/Ftr-1/Rog-1/Sha-4)

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2008-04-28 Shopping

The party defeats evil monks that have been following them, questions one of them; Aurin has a dream; and the party gets rid of the Glabrezu Kaulifargh.

The monks have been following the party and try to ambush them. They are butchered like dogs. One of them is healed and questioned. Apparently Fäm’s home abbey has been reconstructed by some of the survivors and a group has been trying to find the patron red dragon Goraniflargathix as Tiamat has been calling evil dragons back to the plane.

At the same time Aurin has a dream of Amaterasu, the goddess of light, to awaken the sleeping goddess Tevra in the Quietude by pouring some Water of Law on her. Apparently this is created by weeping gods and demigods. The Fudo priest at the City of Brass apparently has found a way to reach Tevra via a hidden tunnel.

The gold dragon’s treasure is revealed and contains a lot of items useful to planar travelers, many flasks of assorted elemental and magical liquids, and some interesting relics, and a ring to contact Kerkoutha, warden of the South Wind Gate to the palace of Bahamut on Celestia. She agrees to become his agent.

The party also exorcises and fights the Glabrezu Kaulifargh. After a while I used an egg timer set to five minutes to cut down on the planning. Correct planning assured victory with a Magic Circle against Evil protecting the party against domination by the incorporeal Glabrezu. Only later did I read that “you trace a 3-foot diameter circle on the floor (or ground) around the creature to be warded.” That would have basically made it impossible to use. That would certainly have changed things. Asking Nanami to enter such a circle would certainly have warned the demon. Cheaters!!

Anyway, that, magic weapons, and Align Weapon (good) was required for the party to succeed. Everything else was overplanning and not too interesting.

There was also a lot of shopping which is a typical player-only activity. The monks with their +1 rings and +2 bracers and other stuff brought lots of money into the party.

Next session will start in the Quietude at the entrance of the tunnel. (Something I have from Beyond Countless Doorways by Monte Cook, Wolfgang Baur, Colin McComb, and Ray Vallese.)


Challenges overcome: Six monks CR 8, their boss CR 12, an incorporeal Glabrezu CR 11.

  • Fäm: 77960 + 2280 = 80240 (Mnk-2/Sor-1/Brb-1/Ftr-1/Dra-8)
  • Nanami: 77489 + 2280 = 79769 (Ftr-9/Clr-2/Rgr-2)
  • Saito: 68583 + 2970 = 71553 (Clr-3/Wiz-3/Mys-6)
  • Kubo: 65685 + 2970 = 68655 (Rng-6/Ftr-1/Rog-1/Sha-4)
  • Aurin: 62089 + 2970 = 65059 (Clr-9/Ftr-2)

See also Comments on 2008-04-28 Shopping

Comments on 2008-04-28 Shopping

Some of the relics I got from Jonathan Drain’s website, and one I devised myself for one of the players – the [[Ring_of_the_South_Wind_Gate?]]. I’m not sure whether I want my players to spend a Feat or spell slot before they can use the relics.

– AlexSchroeder 2008-04-28 23:42 UTC

>  a Magic Circle against Evil protecting the party against domination 

Actually it was the spell “Hallow” (Cleric level 5) which makes a site/building holy, giving a “magic circle” effect. So no cheating involved.

– Sektat 2008-04-29 05:35 UTC

Ahhhh… Very clever. Did you account for the cost of the material components as well as the price for the spellcasting service itself?

– AlexSchroeder 2008-04-29 10:33 UTC

Yes. Aurin did the casting, that’s why she couldn’t use righteous might, which is also on the 5. spelllevel. And we also payed the expensive 1000 gold for it. The only thing we didnt notice is that the casting time is 24 hour…which is not really a problem, though. Au contraire: It would have freed her 5. level spellslot for other spells. The “original” plan didn’t involve the hallow spell, only “protection from evil” spells for everyone. Would have been cheaper…but less cool.

– Sektat 2008-04-29 14:36 UTC

Well, we got rid of the demon and I’m happy for that because nobody wanted to cooperate with him anyway… That frees the mind for other plots. Maybe we’ll keep him around as a commander of enemy troops much later in the game.

– AlexSchroeder 2008-04-29 15:49 UTC

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2008-04-21 Culpangia

Cool: Arcane Eye was used to spy ahead, a double Dimension Door was used to place the brooch into the gap – and the invisible dragon kicked it out of the flames and swallowed it. Not cool: The dragon had not cast Fly on itself and thus was loosing big time as soon as our trip master enlarged himself.

So, this was the end of of Guardians of Dragonfall by Anson Caralya. The first exploration was fun because the party knew there was an invisible foe waiting for them, and once the brooch was swallowed the constructs they had been controlling turned against them. Fun!

When the fight started and the dragon used Slow Exhalation to deal extra damage – and the party had protected itself against fire instead of acid – everything hung in balance and we were all very excited. But once the mystic theurge managed to cast a defense against acid and the trip master enlarged himself, the fight was basically over. The dragon got tripped again and again, and it was rather boring. When I realized that the dragon wasn’t going to be using his Slow Exhalation anymore and switch to his breath weapon, I rolled a three and had to wait for two rounds. And in those two rounds, the dragon died.

Next time I will secretly slash 80% of the enemy’s hit points when I see that it has run into a tactical dead end. There’s no point in long boring fights. As a “master of ceremony” it was hard to keep up the excellent tension from the first half of the evening. I need to find a “going down with a bang” solution to provide some sort of climax. Maybe I should abandon all rules for the last round… :)

The book says that I should hand out a treasure containing 25’000 gp and a magic item suitable for every player character. I think the author has some delusion as to the powergaming equipment these guys are wearing. Perhaps I should just give them 12’500 gp in cash and save myself the boring part of trying to second guess what they would like. Third edition’s availability of magic items means that they’re treated just like any other kind of asset. There’s no point in trying to preserve a sense of wonder regarding magic items at the same time. The only way out of there would be relics and other unique magic items that cannot be bought and sold.

Hm… Strange and unique magic items? Maybe plot items?

I should also write a [[Review_of_Guardians_of_Dragonfall?]].


Challenges overcome: Two tongues of rebuke CR 9, two arcanatons CR 9, Culpangia CR 13.

  • Fäm: 75920 + 2040 = 77960 (Mnk-2/Sor-1/Brb-1/Ftr-1/Dra-7)
  • Nanami: 75449 + 2040 = 77489 (Ftr-8/Clr-2/Rgr-2)
  • Saito: 65943 + 2640 = 68583 (Clr-3/Wiz-3/Mys-5)
  • Kubo: 63045 + 2640 = 65685 (Rng-6/Ftr-1/Rog-1/Sha-3)
  • Aurin: 59449 + 2640 = 62089 (Clr-9/Ftr-2)

See also Comments on 2008-04-21 Culpangia

Comments on 2008-04-21 Culpangia

It takes time, but my players seemed to enjoy custom-designed magic items. They had a unique appearance, maybe nostalgic value (“remember when we defeated the dragon Korthaxus…”), and usually a non-standard set of magical abilities, erring towards more flavorful rather than more powerful.

Example: The Black Rose

This +2 keen scimitar is crafted from jet-black wood, yet is as hard as iron and holds an edge better than a steel blade. Once per day as a standard action, the wielder can command the Black Rose to transform into a long, black vine with massive thorns that functions as a +1 wounding whip. The wielder is automatically proficient with the weapon, and the thorned whip does 1d6 lethal damage (not subdual damage) regardless of the target’s armor or natural armor bonus (as the long, black thorns can pierce even the thickest hide). The Black Rose remains in whip form for 10 rounds, or until the wielder commands it to return to its normal form (a standard action).

The player I gave this to seemed to like the item, even if it was not the most powerful or optimal weapon.

– Adrian 2008-04-22 14:49 UTC

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2008-04-14 Astersyn and Tornulis

The transmuter Tornulis is defeated, the brooch is retrieved, and the constructs are used to defeat the mad dragon Astersyn. I had to shortcut some planning and perhaps there was a bit too many unrecognized in-game riddles at the end.

Tornulis proved to be an easy fight. Fäm saved both against Desintegrate and Balefull Polymorph and grappled and pinned her before she could activate her Hand of the Theurge. She was an easy prey now for Kubo San… Her shield guardian was of no help and soon controlled using the brooch.

In her lair, the party theurge got stung by her trapped spellbook, made both saves and survived the 1d6/2d6 Con damage poison – plus it’s always good to have Con 17. :)

The party figured out that they needed to get rid of the dragon. They didn’t know how to bypass the dragon and earlier efforts at parley had failed due to miserable Diplomacy checks (even though the party theurge doesn’t wear the dragonmark). So using Invisibility and Fly the brooch wielder orchestrated an attack of all the constructs on the dragon. There was a lot of planning. So much in fact that I decided to just skip ahead. “Ok guys, let’s just assume that it works. The dragon falls to its death. What next?”

I need to work on pacing some more. My general problem is players that are unsure of what to do and want to get it “right”. Unfortunately for all of us, this runs into the law of ever diminishing returns. More planning doesn’t always improve the plan.

Generally speaking I’ve identified these problems:

  1. Overplanning. My solution is an internal boredom time-out. This is not a cool solution because it kicks in when it is too late – I am already bored and most probably other people are bored, too. Maybe using a real countdown like “five minutes of planning and then we roll with it!” would work.
  2. Overspeculating. My solution is an internal impatience time-out. It works quite well. I will get impatient, summarize the situation, and point out that this is the info they have, and no amount of talking will provide more information. So it’s either A, B, C, or D.

I’m quite happy with this last point. I’ll say: “Ok, there’s a mad dragon at 1000 ft. guarding a passage. There’s another hole at about 800 ft. You know there’s a cavern – probably a sacrifice thing and thus probably quite dangerous – at the end of the tunnel. You’ve thoroughly searched the green dragon sacrifice place. That leaves two options: Examine the tunnel again, or investigate the hole at 800 ft. That’s it.”

When the party entered the “gauntlet” to face the challenges, there were some in-game riddles. I’m not sure the players enjoyed this part so much. Perhaps it wasn’t as heroic as a fight. As these riddles often require spells such as energy resistance, the danger was that the party would run out of the necessary spells. Having to rest and recover spells makes good reading in a book, but poor play at the table.

At the end of the session I decided to drop a hint: “When you rest and pick new spells, consider this: What kind of tests would you expect if only dragons are supposed to pass them?” We started categorizing what we had seen. There’s a strength tests. There’s a test for energy immunity. You need to fly. Saito suggested a breath attack and a fear effect… I’m not commenting on it.


Challenges overcome: Shield guardian CR 9, Tornulis the transmuter CR 11, bypassing the great wyrm bronze dragon without a direct fight CR 13.

  • Fäm: 73670 + 2250 = 75920 (Mnk-2/Sor-1/Brb-1/Ftr-1/Dra-7)
  • Nanami: 75449 (Ftr-8/Clr-2/Rgr-2)
  • Saito: 63556 + 2887 - 500 = 65943 (Clr-3/Wiz-3/Mys-5)
  • Kubo: 60158 + 2887 = 63045 (Rng-6/Ftr-1/Rog-1/Sha-3)
  • Aurin: 56562 + 2887 = 59449 (Clr-9/Ftr-2)

See also Comments on 2008-04-14 Astersyn and Tornulis

Comments on 2008-04-14 Astersyn and Tornulis

And that’s exactly 57 XP too few…. :( (lucky I didn’t do the Initiative. That would have been 7 XP too few)

– Daniel B 2008-04-15 07:31 UTC

Could it be…..that that automatic ice wall around her at the end of the battle was her cunning idea for a escape? The trigger was probably “when I am low hitpoints, cast icewall around me”, so she can cast dimension door then? Then it would have been really hard to catch her….

– Sektat 2008-04-16 07:11 UTC

Well, no matter what she had up her sleeve, you definitely did her in…

– AlexSchroeder 2008-04-16 08:22 UTC

I take it the bronze great wyrm was meant to be bypassed or otherwise dealt with, without resorting to violence? These GameMastery modules intrigue me, I shall have to play in (and perhaps run) more.

Lone spellcasters go down pretty easily.

– Adrian 2008-04-16 17:31 UTC

Well, if the party was clever and prepared to a party member or two, it would have been possible to defeat him in combat as it was considered to be a CR 15 enemy. Every round you are supposed to roll on the Confusion chart to determine if he attacks or not, and he has currently only 113 hitpoints instead of 565. But still… consider a full attack: bite +50 (6d6+14), 2 claws +47 (2d8+7), 2 wings +47 (2d6+7), tail slap +47 (2d8+21) and with BAB +39 & Power Attack he should compfortably make that a +30 Power Attack… Or his breath weapon of 24d6, Fort DC 39. (Strange, that should be Ref instead of Fort…) And when it comes to defenses, he has SR 31, AC 44, Fort +29, Ref +23, Will +21.

Issuing the challenge, thus opening the trap door, while the dragon’s still there & demented → the dragon “attacks the PC speaking the challenge for one round, then acts as if under the effects of confusion for the next 5 rounds.” This is what happened to our party with a max. Diplomacy skill of +1.

Anyway, feel free to take a look at my collection of modules. :)

– AlexSchroeder 2008-04-16 18:09 UTC

Ah, he is badly injured AND insane. That would make it doable, though a full suite of attacks on a single PC would probably kill that PC. Dragons are sick like that.

I am very interested in Crucible of Chaos, Seven Swords of Sin, and The Demon Within. Do you have those?

– Adrian 2008-04-16 20:27 UTC

Sure. I’m subscribed to both the adventure path and the modules, so I have them all.

– AlexSchroeder 2008-04-16 20:57 UTC

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2008-04-07 Lephrelourge

The heroes defeat the elite mohrgh juvenile green dragon Lephrelourge and investigate the Shearphorus and end up seeing bronze great wyrm desperately wanting to hear “the” name spoken – whatever that means.

The fight with Lephrelourge started with a tongue attack against our wizard Saito, paralyzing him. The party retreats and the trip master announces that he needs to buff for 3 rounds (magic weapon on his chain, greater invisibility on himself, then truestrikes). The archer tries in vain to overcome AC 39. The cleric puts away her flaming sword Attaxa. The Daylight spell on Saito’s staff is the only source of light remaining. With the rest of the party reforming elsewhere and apparently immune to acid, Lephrelourge does the only thing that makes sense: It grabs Saito, swallows him hole, and flies to the hole leading down to the emerald graveyard. Bludgeoning damage and a negative level every round for the wizard! PAAANIC!!!

The chain-wielding tripmaster moves to the hole where Lephrelourge is squeezing through, ready for an Attack of Opportunity. Lephrelourge disappears into the hole, Fäm truestrikes, Lephrelourge takes some damage, emerges at the bottom end, and being an average flier it needs to make Reflex save to avoid stalling, fails, and crashes, taking 5d6 damage (assuming that the hole itself is not contributing to the falling damage). And no damage resistance against falling damage! We also assume the wizard inside is not taking any falling damage, haha.

A desperate plan is formed: The archer will jump after the dragon, landing on him! I agree to the plan and tell them that I’ll use 5d6 falling damage and apply it to both the archer and the dragon. That’s enough to kill the undead dragon.


Challenges overcome: Lephrelourge CR 11, two tongues of rebuke CR 9, the ogre wizard Trauzek CR 9.

Current XP:

  • Nanami: 73949 + 1500 = 75449 (Ftr-8/Clr-2/Rgr-2)
  • Fäm: 72170 + 1500 = 73670 (Mnk-2/Sor-1/Brb-1/Ftr-1/Dra-7)
  • Saito: 61494 + 2062 = 63556 (Clr-3/Wiz-3/Mys-5)
  • Kubo: 60158 (Rng-6/Ftr-1/Rog-1/Sha-3)
  • Aurin: 53937 + 2625 = 56562 (Clr-9/Ftr-2)

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Comments on 2008-04-07 Lephrelourge

A green dragon mohrg?!? That is evil…

…I totally need to use one in the next game I DM.

– Adrian 2008-04-09 08:12 UTC

yes, yes: our DM is very evil :)

zeno 2008-04-09 11:37 UTC

It actually doesn’t have that many HP, so it is doable. But then: Damage Reduction 15/magic, Spell Resistance 20, Paralyze (touch attack) and Acid breath is quite a shock for the players. (And getting 1 negative level per round while you’re in his stomach isn’t too nice either… even more so since you’re normally paralyzed when you’re there)

– Daniel B 2008-04-09 14:41 UTC

Ah yes, the Achilles’ heel of undead – no Con to boost hp, and not even a flat bonus to hp like constructs.

– Adrian 2008-04-10 13:06 UTC

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2008-03-31 Winterhorns

The party moves through the green dragon crypt entrance reserved for sacrifice victims. Inside, they end up in a fight with the green dragon Lephrelourge.


Challenges overcome: A tongue of rebuke CR 9, four winterhorns CR 6 and their leader Sedarost CR 9, two mohrgs CR 8, two winterhorn zombies CR 4.

Current XP:

  • Nanami: 72449 + 1500 = 73949 (Ftr-8/Clr-2/Rgr-2)
  • Fäm: 70670 + 1500 = 72170 (Mnk-2/Sor-1/Brb-1/Ftr-1/Dra-7)
  • Saito: 59432 + 2062 = 61494 (Clr-3/Wiz-3/Mys-5)
  • Aurin: 51250 + 2687 = 53937 (Clr-8/Ftr-2)

The above XP computed with some Elisp code of mine. Double check? :)

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Comments on 2008-03-31 Winterhorns

Vom Gefühl her ist das vielzuviel XP. Ich vermute Du hast vergessen durch die Anzahl Personen zu dividieren.

– Sektat 2008-04-01 07:02 UTC

D’oh! Du hast natürlich recht.

– AlexSchroeder 2008-04-01 07:03 UTC

Ich sag’s zwar nur ungern, aber ich komme auf massiv weniger XP:

2688 (2500) für Level 10 2063 (1925) für Level 11 1613 (1500) für Level 12

Die Zahl in Klammern ist jeweils ohne die CR4 Zombies. Ich bin mir nicht ganz sicher ob wir für die überhaupt noch XP bekommen oder nicht (Meine Tabelle stimmt bei sehr schwachen und sehr starken Monster nicht mit der DMG Tabelle überein)

– Daniel B 2008-04-01 07:12 UTC

warum seit ihr alle so früh wach!? ;)

zeno 2008-04-01 07:27 UTC

gibt der maelstroem nichts?

zeno 2008-04-01 07:30 UTC

Also erstens war es nicht sooo früh. Und zweitens heisst das ja noch lange nicht dass wir auch wach sind ;)

– Daniel B 2008-04-01 10:11 UTC

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2008-03-24 To Dragonfall

We inserted a little dragon-oriented sidequest for our dragon disciple, Fäm! It’s an [[Paizo?]] !GameMastery module.


Challenges overcome: Two young adult red dragon skeletons CR 8, tongue of rebuke CR 9.

  • Level 12: 1987 per person
  • Level 10: 3375 per person

Current XP:

  • Nanami: 71699 + 750 = 72449 (Ftr-8/Clr-2/Rgr-2)
  • Fäm: 69920 + 750 = 70670 (Mnk-2/Sor-1/Brb-1/Ftr-1/Dra-7)
  • Kubo: 60158 (Rng-6/Ftr-1/Rog-1/Sha-3)
  • Saito: 58469 + 963 = 59432 (Clr-3/Wiz-3/Mys-5)
  • Aurin: 50000 + 1250 = 51250 (Clr-8/Ftr-2)

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Comments on 2008-03-24 To Dragonfall

Saito ist Level 11: 963 XP anstelle von 750

– Daniel B 2008-03-25 08:02 UTC

Fixed. :)

– AlexSchroeder 2008-03-25 23:43 UTC

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