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2008-09-29 Tiamat

A thousand years later, an old man looks at his boy and starts telling him a story: “There was a time when dragons ruled the earth. Their reign was fierce and cruel. They watched from the skies, they swam in the rivers, they hunted the wilds. It was a strange time. Turtle demons walked the earth, bird men lived in the mountains, and foxes spoke the tongues of men. It is said that one particular town had gotten aid from the heavens. A band of pilgrims had grown into heroes. And this is how it ended…”

The camera cuts to the party as it prepares its assault on the fane of Tiamat. Buffing, teleport, big fight, and Fäm manages to cut off two of Tiamat’s heads, and Aurin’s sword Attaxa slays the aspect of Tiamat eventually.

A thousand years later, the camera zooms back and we see that the old man and the young boy have a skin that looks fainly like dragon scales. “Yes, that’s exactly what happened! And that’s why we pray to Kubo-San, lord of shadows every night, for every night he adds to his collection of teeth and keeps us safe.”

The camera zooms out and we see that the two descendants of dragons are sitting in front of a golden pyramid. The camera starts to glide up shining steps of polished gold, over mahogany floors, further up between shining columns, towards an ivory statue of Aurin presenting the legendary sword Attaxa to all supplicants.

“But what about the others, father?” asks the child. The old man shakes his head. “No songs mention them. It is said that the various wizards had supported the Pilgrims in their hour of need, but not much is said about them. If I knew more about the arcane arts I might know of their spells and the legendary things they built, but it seems that they left the material plane never to return.”

And with that the image fades and the light grows brighter and brighter. And suddenly we find ourselves on a plain. There is a forest in the background, and enormous birds gliding through the air up above. Suddenly an arrow races past us, and then another, and another, and another. We hear a chunk, a chunk, a chunk, a chunk, and glorious laughter. An eladrin voice bursts into song and the wild elves improvise a song on the spot. The camera turns towards them, and we see about a dozen people and the archer with a glowing vibrating bow. As she looks at her friends, the bow changes into a blade weapon, and finally folds away. And the spontaneous elven song bursts into the hymn of Nanami, fabled archer and eladrin friend of old. She passed away many centuries ago, but some of the people present still remember her. In fact, one of them gave her the very bow that ended up turning into the Blade-Bow of Nanami, a famous artifact used by the viridian kings.

And thus concludes our campaign started.


  • Fäm: 119045 + 4500 = 123545 (Mnk-2/Sor-1/Brb-1/Ftr-1/Dra-10)+1
  • Saito: 117069 + 4500 = 121569 (Clr-3/Wiz-3/Mys-9)+1
  • Nanami: 114824 + 4500 = 119324 (Ftr-9/Clr-2/Rgr-2/Mnk-2)
  • Kubo San: 112761 + 4500 = 117261 (Rng-6/Ftr-2/Rog-1/Sha-6)
  • Aurin: 112266 + 4500 = 116766 (Clr-13/Ftr-2)

Comments on 2008-09-29 Tiamat

Too bad we never got to see the temptation of Fäm where his ancestor Goraniflargathix tempts Fäm to join the dark side. I just felt that the encounter would turn into a simple “fight the red dragon” encounter and I was feeling the urge to end the campaign. Too bad.

For a while I kept some notes on a different wiki: See Attaxa:HomePage.

Alex 2008-09-29 22:57 UTC

What CR do we give to that last encounter? CR19 maybe? So I can finalize my character before freezing him….

– Sektat 2008-09-30 14:14 UTC

Sure. I tried to balance between CR 13 and CR 25 (the two alternatives I had seen from other sources).

– Alex 2008-09-30 14:48 UTC

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2008-09-22 The Air Lord

Proceeded into the temple of Pazuzu to find the air lord Rashoro and his seven champions praying for Pazuzu to come and help. Pazuzu does in fact appear, destroys the air lord for calling him and uses the opportunity to swap places with the concordant killer Narzamon.

With the Pazuzu faction severely weakened by the party, the Obox-Ob faction weakened by the Tiamat faction, and the party looking like it’ll go after the aspect of Tiamat the forest king agrees to an alliance with the humans of Kurobano.

The Nexus is somewhere in the Cinter Hills. And soon enough there is an unnatural darkness that spreads from there… The party decides to go and confront Tiamat’s faction once and for all.


  • Fäm: 112295 + 6750 = 119045 (Mnk-2/Sor-1/Brb-1/Ftr-1/Dra-10)
  • Saito: 110319 + 6750 = 117069 (Clr-3/Wiz-3/Mys-9)
  • Nanami: 114824 (Ftr-8/Clr-2/Rgr-2/Mnk-2 + 1)
  • Kubo San: 106011 + 6750 = 112761 (Rng-6/Ftr-2/Rog-1/Sha-6)
  • Aurin: 105516 + 6750 = 112266 (Clr-13/Ftr-2)

Comments on 2008-09-22 The Air Lord

Onishi: 45000XP + ((10/15) * 6750 = 4455XP) = 49455XP
Am I correct? (It probably doesn’t matter now anyway)

– Marco 2008-09-27 16:31 UTC


– Alex 2008-09-28 00:02 UTC

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2008-09-15 Achcauhtli

Convinced Achcauhtli to trade most of Aurin’s items for the Ranzai’s sword. Agreed to kill the air lord in return for Bahamut’s ring. Fought two tengu warriors & an air elemental.

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2008-09-01 Revenge

The party used the teleport magnet stone and a lot of invisibility spells to set up a trap for the deathdrinker, and it worked. His four kastigur demons were slain and his vampire mercenaries fled soon enough.

Challenges overcome: Four kastigur demons CR 11, one deathdrinker demon CR 18, eight 5th level fighter shadow vampires CR 8, four 13th level monk/shadowdancer shadow vampires CR 16.

Before the deathdrinker died, it destroyed three of Aurin’s magic items. Apparently he traded the rest for a promise of alliance from somebody called Achcauhtli.

Kubo-San discovers the location of a portal near the little stone shrine they saw oh so long ago – where a stone statue moved to attack the vermin traitor Tsutomu! [1]

Saito researches the temple in his books and discovers ancient writings speaking of stone statues coming to life, of baking deserts, mighty lions, and it even has pictures of the sphynx-like creatures the Red Hand of Doom brought against the humans in the taking of Hakone, and one of the buildings described matches the sort of lair the evil necromancer druid Manabu. Apparently the stone lion gods had places of access in the old days and ruled the mountain kingdoms long before the war between tengu and kappa. Most likely the worship of Pazuzu and the rising power of the tengu birdmen put an end to the stone lion temples and it’s just the occasional old little shrine and statue that remain. With that information, Saito is able to identify the statue as some sort of golem-like creature from this ancient realm and after a few days he feels that he’ll be able to open a portal to the plane of Achcauhtli.

The next session will start with the party standing by the stone temple, all eyes on Saito as he scrapes iron nails in concentric circles on the huge boulder behind the stone basin, trying to find a humming sound in tune with the odd metallic screech of the nails…


  • Nanami: 102784 + 12040 = 114824 (Ftr-8/Clr-2/Rgr-2/Mnk-2 + 1)
  • Fäm: 100255 + 12040 = 112295 (Mnk-2/Sor-1/Brb-1/Ftr-1/Dra-9 + 1)
  • Saito: 98279 + 12040 = 110319 (Clr-3/Wiz-3/Mys-8 + 1)
  • Kubo San: 93971 + 12040 = 106011 (Rng-6/Ftr-1/Rog-1/Sha-6 + 1)
  • Aurin: 88747 + 16769 = 105516 (Clr-11/Ftr-2 + 2)

Everybody reaches level 15!

(I feel that Aurin’s harrowing experience as a prisoner of the deathdrinker justifies her gaining two levels instead of the last 517 XP just being lost.)

Comments on 2008-09-01 Revenge

Hurray! Fäm finally finishes his transformation and becomes a true half-dragon!

– Sektat 2008-09-02 06:30 UTC

Holy crap… that was a pretty heavy fight.

I wonder what feat Kubo San will take… how about… LEADERSHIP!!!

– Marco 2008-09-02 07:07 UTC

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2008-08-25 Ambushed

The party helped resettle Hakone. Aurin organised Temple plans (and funding?). In the end the golden dragon Kerfux was summoned from Celestia and accepted his new abode as protector of Hakone. Old Onishi was not offered the rule of Hakone and was ready to commit suicide as soon as the meeting ended, but Aurin used her Diplomacy skills to convince him to take a position as general for Kubo-San. He accepted.

After a week and a day had passed, the party received word that strange things had been seen near the temple above the ruins of Musashi’s castle. They decided to investigate, planning on another teleport & destroy mission. They saw an enforcer (a demon of the Pazuzu party), three vrocks, several hobgoblins, and a mage. There was also a wooden shed nearby. They buffed and teleported in.

What they did not expect was a teleport trap. The shed contained an avid vat and a teleport magnet. The party materialized as close as possible to the magnet, ie. floating above the acide. Kubo-San fell into the acid but everybody else was flying. Saito managed to cast a quickened Energy Resistance. Strange: How was Saito able to see Kubo in the dark? Kubo then saw the strange glittering stone at the bottom of the acid, dove for it, and shadow jumped out. Saito, unclear on what had happened, decides to Dimension Door back to edge of the forest. The other three had been flying above Saito and appeared on top of the shed. Aurin was the quickest to recover, noticed nothing wrong and charged the enforcer demon.

Suddenly the enforcer turned into a deathdrinker demon and demanded that she surrender. She delayed, asking questions. With two quick slams he blasted her into unconsciousness. He meant business!

Nanami cast an Obscuring Fog and all flied back to the forest as fast as possible. For a second the demon noticed Kubo-San, asked him to surrender, Kubo agreed, he attempted a grapple on his first attack but Kubo was under the effect of a Freedom of Movement, and then he did not manage to do enough damage on his remaining attacks. Kubo managed to disappear into the shadows again and retreated through the fog.

Later, Aurin woke up and was questioned. She started talking back and the demon started breaking her fingers. She then agreed to write a letter to Lord Kurobano demanding the slaying of Azarr Khul in the Cinder Hills.

During the night Aurin is kept awake and from memorizing new spells by constant coming and going of hobgoblins. At one point, however, they all turn into vampires! These were no hobgoblins at all. They all belonged to the Pazuzu faction!


  • Nanami: 101944 + 840 = 102784 (Ftr-8/Clr-2/Rgr-2/Mnk-2)
  • Fäm: 99415 + 840 = 100255 (Mnk-2/Sor-1/Brb-1/Ftr-1/Dra-9)
  • Saito: 97439 + 840 = 98279 (Clr-3/Wiz-3/Mys-8)
  • Kubo San: 93131 + 840 = 93971 (Rng-6/Ftr-1/Rog-1/Sha-6)
  • Aurin: 87577 + 1170 = 88747 (Clr-11/Ftr-2)

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2008-08-18 Reconquista

Last Monday the party fought a red dragon owning a Chaos Diamond with the ability to cast Word of Chaos. The two non-chaotic characters (our healer and our damage dealer) were soon confused and ran away. The fight took ten rounds. They basically didn’t participate at all. :(

Challenges overcome: A mature adult red dragon (CR 18), two bluespawn godslayers (CR 10), two blackspawn exterminators (CR 10), six redspawn arcaniss (CR 6), two respawn firebelchers (CR 6), and about fifty kobolds. And the Enforcer from last session CR 9.

The party convinced Lord Kurobano to try praying to Bahamut, god of good dragons, to send an emissary. Aurin builds a temple and will be head priest.

  • Nanami: 97587 + 4357 = 101944 (Ftr-8/Clr-2/Rgr-2/Mnk-2)
  • Fäm: 95058 + 4357 = 99415 (Mnk-2/Sor-1/Brb-1/Ftr-1/Dra-9)
  • Saito: 93082 + 4357 = 97439 (Clr-3/Wiz-3/Mys-8)
  • Kubo San: 86696 + 6435 = 93131 (Rng-6/Ftr-1/Rog-1/Sha-6)
  • Aurin: 81142 + 6435 = 87577 (Clr-11/Ftr-2)

New level for Kubo! Apparently Saito must have gained a level in recent sessions and I didn’t realize it.

Comments on 2008-08-18 Reconquista

I still wonder: 150 minutes battle, 10 rounds, makes 15 minute for each round. Where do we loose so much time? I do not remember people making slow turns.

– Sektat 2008-08-21 10:39 UTC

  • 3 Active Party Members
  • 1 Half Active Party Member (Nanami attacked a few times)
  • 1 Dragon
  • 1 Archer (the other one died very fast)
  • 2 Spitters
  • 2 Huge Beasts
  • 4 Red Lizard Casters (the other two didn’t really last long)

Makes all in all: about 1 minute per Monster/Character….

BTW: I still seem to miss a pair of monsters in the XP section:

  • 2 Archers (there from start)
  • 2 Spitters, 2 Huge Beasts (reinforcement)

– Daniel B 2008-08-21 11:09 UTC

Archers = blackspawn exterminators

The firebelchers were in fact missing.

– Alex 2008-08-21 11:37 UTC

I think it was probably the most complicated fight we’ve had. There were multiple groups of monsters, each having their own set of special abilities and magic items, and there were a lot of them.

That, and ten rounds is a really long battle. Especially at our level. Normally an outcome is settled in the first few rounds.

I think, that if there were no confusion effects in that fight it would have been a fantastic fight.

– Marco 2008-08-21 15:34 UTC

When I talked it over with Marcel we realized a mistake: The Chaos Diamond will make you stunned, first. That would have had two interesting consequences:

  1. A stunned creature drops everything held… → Nanami would not have had a bow with her
  2. and can’t take actions → that would have given Saito one extra round to reach Aurin

With a Heal spell, Saito would have been able to help her, and she in turn would have been able to cast Heal on Nanami.

Alex 2008-08-21 20:38 UTC

In the very last corner of my memory (I try really hard to “verdrängen” this episode from my consciousness…) I find a picture which tells me that we didn’t forget about the stunning because in fact I was stunned for a round (at least I played it that way - I think)… maybe the guys where so thrilled by the battle that they realized only in the folling rounds that it would have been really important to take care for Aurin - I dunno exactly what was going on with the other characters in that round, but rember that at the point we started discussing about reaching Aurin (and actually I think it was in my stunned round that Saito had a specific reason why he coudn’t reach Aurin - Dani explained serveral things to me…), it was already too late because Aurin was far far away because of haste. The next possible creature to attack was in her case something in the village what we probably could have easily changed… I mean, from a distance it looked like the guys where not really desperate for hitpoint or anything else in that fight - so, some nice little, critical, attacks from Aurin would only have provided some more flavour to the game… ;)

– move 2008-08-22 10:37 UTC

I think we were talking about reaching you when one of you had a round of “incoherent babbling”. I don’t remember any “stunning” come into play (which would have resulted in dropping weapons etc)

There still would have been the problem of running past the dragon and actually reaching you (since both of you were flying and “Heal” is a touch spell)

– Daniel B 2008-08-22 11:46 UTC

We had stunning before (Sound burst) but I don’t remember the fact that we ever played out the weapon dropping… I imagined to just stand around immobilized for 6 secs…

– move 2008-08-22 15:15 UTC

BTW: Saito gained the level last time (as actually written there… ;) )

– Daniel B 2008-08-25 09:15 UTC

… Correction: one before last time

– Daniel B 2008-08-25 09:17 UTC

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2008-07-28 Company

The party returns to Kurobano, as apparently the influence of evil dragons is on the rise everywhere on their world. Sages in Celestia have hinted at the possibility that their home plane was turning unstable and that external powers might be wanting to exploit that weakness.

As soon as the party planeshifts to the Fudo temple in [[Kurobano?]], the aasimar priestess Katsuko contacts them and asks for their help. A formal delegation is to be sent to the forest king in the north east, for he alone appears to be untouched by the hobgoblin armies of the Red Hand of Doom. As a token of good will and in memory of all the evil deeds that humans have committed against the woodlands, the Horn of the Forest King is being returned to its rightful owner. This artifact had been kept hidden in Kurobano for generations as a token of human supremacy over the woods.

When the delegation arrives in the woods of the forest king, they realize that they have company:

  • The faction of Tiamat is present with a huge horned deathdrinker called Ranzai and his seven black spawn raider ninjas lead by a certain Donokotu.
  • The faction of Obox-ob is present with a large floating demon head called Reiji chained to the ground and surrounded by four large skinny bulezau demons.
  • The faction of Pazuzu is present with an enforcer demon called Sai that looks like a fallen angel.
  • The witch king of the forest looks like a half-treant and is called Souhei. He seems to command more than just half a dozen treants, a considerable group of kappa halbardiers and kitsune archers. While he seems capable of defending his territory, he is apparently under quite some pressure to openly declare allegiance with one of the other three power groups.

The party manages to stage a contest between Fäm and Ranzai (that the demon wins easily), taking advantage of the distraction to let Kubo steal the demon’s adamantine greatsword with the help of Saito’s magic and hiding the sword in Sai’s tent while Aurin talks to the other ambassadors. The plan works eventhough quite a few of these creatures here seem to have true seeing. In a rage, Ranzai insults Sai and in the end the ambassador of Pazuzu leaves the meeting.

How to prevent the witch king from joining the Red Hand of Doom or enter an alliance with the ambassador of Obox-ob? The flying brain creature certainly seems scary enough and whoever comes close to it feels a cold and slimy tugging in his heart, drawing him towards the sublime symbol of mind over matter, the floating demon head of Reiji… You shudder and turn away just in time.


Challenges overcome: Enforcer CR 9.

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2008-07-14 Black Son

The party continued down into a magma filled sphere with a big bad “soul cauldron” in the middle. Apparently it is possible to trap a soul in the soulstone and “cook” it in the cauldron, liquifying the soul. The angels destroyed all the evil lava creatures in the area and proceeded to destroy the cauldron: Using their weapons to put a big crack into it and ripping the entire iron plate it was welded to from the floor and shoving it all into the lava. Kubo also spotted some soul stones lying about and picked them up.

They all proceeded to the “soul engine” room, where huge columns reached hundreds of feet into the air, white lines of “nervous tissue” (?) leading up to them, a deep hum filling the air, and thousands of pathways criss-crossing the room. The party proceeded towards the columns. The angels destroyed some fiendish hounds from the Gray Waste of Hades. Unfortunately they were but a distraction: The Black Son had used his ring of invisibility, his winged boots, his magical short sword, and his assassin abilities to kill one of the angels just as the last hound perished!

A long cat and mouse game followed, an ambassador of Set was killed, and finally Kubo San used a soul stone against the Black Son itself, shouting thrice: “BY THE POWER OF THE BLACK SON, I CLAIM THEE!!” Ironically, it worked. :)

The angels returned the party to Bahamut’s Palace on Celestia where the Black Son was finally released, questioned, put on trial, condemned to death, and killed, and thus the movement of his demiplane through hyperspace is stopped and his soul engine reduced to rubble. During the proceedings, the party mixed with the celestials present as if equals, moving at ease between the planetars and archons of Bahamut, the talking to gold & silver dragons in human form, conferring with the Lord Protector, the Master of Judicial Ceremonies, and the High Inquisitor (and his assistants).

Finally the staff of the prophet that the prophet of Set had carried as well as the soulstones were confiscated as items of great evil. In return, the party was awarded the following:

  • ring of invisibility
  • wings of flying
  • wand of cure serious wounds (50 charges)
  • helm of bahamut (MIC 119)
  • shirt of angels (MIC 134)

As for the major plot lines: Apparently the Black Son (of Pazuzu) has been using the plane as his target because of the connection his father has to it: In the old days an aspect of Pazuzu led men and tengu against an aspect of Obox-ob and the swamp things – kappa and kumo demons. The evil dragon patron saint of the abbey is still missing. The party heard of a maker of magic bows to the North, in the Shadow Mountains – holy mountains separating the Middle Kingdom from the arctic wastelands. That means that the info by the evil monks remains uncontested: Evil dragons are still being called towards Kurobano and the aspect of Tiamat that has formed when the Red Hand started to invade. Perhaps the dragon can be found there?


Challenges overcome: Black Son CR 17, ambassador of set CR 16.

  • Nanami: 94587 + 3000 = 97587 (Ftr-8/Clr-2/Rgr-2/Mnk-2)
  • Fäm: 95058 (Mnk-2/Sor-1/Brb-1/Ftr-1/Dra-9)
  • Saito: 89182 + 3900 = 93082 (Clr-3/Wiz-3/Mys-7)
  • Kubo San: 82796 + 3900 = 86696 (Rng-6/Ftr-1/Rog-1/Sha-5)
  • Aurin: 76000 + 5142 = 81142 (Clr-11/Ftr-2)

XP shared with three angels; no XP for encounters that the angels basically solved themselves.

New level for Aurin and Saito.

Comments on 2008-07-14 Black Son

New level for Aurin and Saito!

– Sektat 2008-07-23 07:48 UTC

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2008-07-07 Angel Company

The three guardian angels Sofiel, Haniel and Elijah join Aurin and her companions on the mission to the ruins of the vrock demiplane. As Fäm said: “They are not 100% happy with the alignements in our group (one pretends to be good, one wants to be good, one will never be good, one is good and one was deep on the evil side), but they will fullfill their duty and help our crusade against the demon prince.”

The first fight against six vrocks and two harpy archers went ok, and the three vrock reinforcements didn’t even dare to attack. Unmolested, the party then went to the smoking ruins, dug down, and entered the shaft leading into the depths beneath the surface. In some sort of strange spherical room jets of hellish magma were criss-crossing and three bebiliths attacked as soon as the first angel entered the room.

Challenges overcome: Nine vrocks CR 9, three bebiliths CR 10, two harpy archers CR 11.

  • Fäm: 93428 + 1630 = 95058 (Mnk-2/Sor-1/Brb-1/Ftr-1/Dra-9)
  • Nanami: 92957 + 1630 = 94587 (Ftr-8/Clr-2/Rgr-2/Mnk-2)
  • Saito: 87111 + 2071 = 89182 (Clr-3/Wiz-3/Mys-7)
  • Kubo San: 80725 + 2071 = 82796 (Rng-6/Ftr-1/Rog-1/Sha-5)
  • Aurin: 73375 + 2625 = 76000 (Clr-10/Ftr-2)

Comments on 2008-07-07 Angel Company

I want more XP :-)

– Sektat 2008-07-22 20:09 UTC

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2008-06-23 Into the Abyss

Before Oszkar leaves (to slaughter the innocent in a village or two near the abbey – that’s the cult of the Broken Word for you!) Nanami talks to him about the +1 bane (humans) shocking composite longbow (STR +2) created by the black mage Minazu in the northern mountains of Tarizune.

Saito casts Dimensional Anchor, the mad priest Samuka returns to the abbey with the huge hellthorn protecting him. He actually manages to trap Nanami’s soul in the Soulstone, but is defeated by the player characters all using Greater Invisibility.

The party the goes through the portal and reaches the abyss. When faced with five vrocks, the quickly retreat to the portal using Teleport.

Back on the material plane, they rest, and Aurin goes to visit the Warden of the South Gate in Bahamut’s palace using her ring. Explaining the situation, she learns that a heavenly host was dispatched to destroy the very fortress of the Black Son (of Pazuzu) and succeeded. Him still being in control, and his piece of the abyss still drifting towards the material plane is unforseen. The warden thinks it would be best to kill the bastard son and agrees to give Aurin four scrolls of Teleport, one Oil of Bless Weapon, six scrolls of Align Weapon, and the help of three astral devas that will fight alongside the party.


Challenges overcome: High Priest Samuka CR 13, hellthorn CR 11, two angel effigies CR 10.

  • Fäm: 92168 + 1260 = 93428 (Mnk-2/Sor-1/Brb-1/Ftr-1/Dra-9)
  • Nanami: 91697 + 1260 = 92957 (Ftr-8/Clr-2/Rgr-2/Mnk-2)
  • Saito: 85421 + 1690 = 87111 (Clr-3/Wiz-3/Mys-7)
  • Kubo San: 79035 + 1690 = 80725 (Rng-6/Ftr-1/Rog-1/Sha-5)
  • Aurin: 71095 + 2280 = 73375 (Clr-10/Ftr-2)

See also Comments on 2008-06-23 Into the Abyss

Comments on 2008-06-23 Into the Abyss

Damn it, I knew it, that the guy was evil! NPC are there to be killed!! CLASSIC DUNGEON CRAWL!! ONLY 25 GOLD FOR DETECT EVIL SCROLL OMG!!

– Sektat 2008-06-24 09:57 UTC

Ich sage nur eins: Lost Opportunity Costs. ;)

– AlexSchroeder 2008-06-24 11:55 UTC

Ich schlage vor es Nanami vom Gehalt abzuziehen. Sie weiss eh nicht was tun mit dem Geld. Und da Sie ein LG Mönch ist macht Sie es sowieso gerne.

– Sektat 2008-06-24 13:32 UTC

Nanami bezieht ein Gehalt? Ich dachte immer dass LG Character gratis arbeiten…. (Ist ja immerhin zum Wohle der Gemeinschaft)

– Daniel B 2008-06-24 14:04 UTC

Vielleicht spart Nanami das viele Geld für eine weitere Archer Ausbildung, damit sie dann einer anderen Gruppe beitreten kann, die nicht gleich von ein paar gefügelten Monstern abhaut, sich immer versteckt und alle paar Kämpfe wieder zum Leben erweckt werden muss. ;)

zeno 2008-06-25 13:14 UTC

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