A Cyberknight in Russia


Encoded Briefing Follows…

Primary Objectives:

  1. Return to Russia
  2. Establish contact with locals
  3. Assist locals

Secondary Objectives:


Now that you have completed your training, it’s time for you to go out into the world. As you may know, the Cyber-Knights have
not had a consistent presence in Russia since Erin Tarn took her sojourn there, more than 15 years ago. Your return to your
homeland, as you can imagine, is thus of great importance to us.

To facilitate your return, we’ve hired on a Federation of Magic Ley Line Walker to open a Rift to Castle Romanov.
As you know better than most, Rift travel is always unpredictable, so be prepared for unexpected surroundings.

Once you arrive, you should establish contact with the locals in whatever town or city you find nearby. Help them as you are
able, within the confines of the Code of Chivalry, to earn your keep and ingratiate yourself with the citizens.

Once you have established yourself locally, attempt to re-establish contact with us. We’ve provided you with a radio
frequency; you’ll need to find a local intercontinental array to reach us, unfortunately, but some may have survived, or may
still be tended to by one or more Warlords.

Good luck, Vladimir.