EIR Field Test


Encoded Message Follows…
FROM: NGR Intelligence Division Command
TO: Wolfram Richter

Primary Objectives:

  1. Acquire living Gargoyle subject for EIR testing
  2. Provide fire support during EIR field test

Secondary Objectives:

Intelligence Report follows….

Internal development of a new Enemy Infiltration Unit is newly completed, and we require a living subject to test field
deployment. You will be transported to the Schwartzwald testing site, where you will assist in the capture of a
Gurgoyle for this purpose.

Once the new EIR is deployed, you will provide long-range fire support for the robot. It will attempt to capture enemy tech
and armor--in particular, an “Avenger”-class armor stationed not far from the field testing site. Capturing this armor
intact may help us determine exactly who is providing it to the Gargoyle Empire, and give us a means to cut off production or
delivery of the tech.

You will have access to a few non-standard weapons for this deployment, for both the live-capture and support fire phases
of the mission.

During the live-capture phase, you will be provided with a modified TX-16 Pump Rifle, using experimental Neural Disruptor
rounds. Two 8-round speed-loaders will be on hand, in the event you need to execute a “hot reload.”

During the EIR insertion operation, you will have access to your choice of sniper rifle, as well as either a TX-10 Mini-
Missile Launcher
, or a TX-M4 Mini-Missile Launch Pack, with a hard-case of 24 armor-piercing projectiles (WB05 p.149). You
will provide fire support for the EIR in the event of its detection--DO NOT engage enemy forces until the EIR is attacked!

A XM-180 Dragonfly and XM-270 Mosquito will be on hand for extraction--most of the field testing equipment has already
been broken down for transit, and the rest will be packed and loaded during your operation. If the test is successful, you
will be tasked with ensuring that the EIR and “Avenger” powered armor safely reach the Dragonfly.

All other personnel at the field testing station are considered expendable. If they can be safely extracted, do so--but if
they cannot, board either transport and signal the pilot to extract you immediately.


Primary Objectives:

  1. Acquire living Gargoyle subject for EIR testing - COMPLETE
  2. Provide fire support during EIR field test - COMPLETE

Secondary Objectives:

The EIR test was a success, though Pvt. Richter did go off-book during the extraction portion of the mission.

Pvt. Richter successfully captured an enemy Gurgoyle, bringing it back to the Schwartzwald Field Test site for the first stage of the
experiment. The new EIR also successfully infiltrated several layers of Gargoyle security, capturing audio and video intelligence
depicting the Gargoyles operating in a much more organized fashion than previously anticipated.

At the final checkpoint before accessing the enemy armor, the EIR encountered more advanced sensors, capable of detecting the low-energy
radio broadcast linking the EIR with Pvt. Richter’s optics systems. The guard raised the alarm, alerting the rest of the Gargoyle
settlement to the raid. At this point, Pvt. Richter went against his orders, ordering the EIR to capture a larger enemy combat
robot, of a type rarely encountered in the field, code-named “Wrecker,” rather than the Avenger unit that had been the original
After a skirmish with several Gargoyle attackers, Pvt. Richter boarded the EIR and returned to the Schwartzwald complex. After
loading the enemy tech and experimental EIR, Pvt. Richter ordered the pilot to re-land the Mosquito transport, as several science
team members had been left on the ground. This was his second infraction during this mission, as all base personnel were considered
expendable during the course of the EIR/tech extraction. He was assisted by the EIR, which showed a surprising degree of self-awareness,
leaving the Mosquito transport to defend and rescue Pvt. Richter--a technical glitch, according to the scientists involved, but one that
must be corrected before attempting to deploy this unit on a wider scale.

During the attempt to extract Pvt. Richter and his objectives, the Mosquito came under heavy enemy attack. Once he--and the enemy combat
robot--were secured in the Mosquito’s main cargo bay, Richter gave the order for the Mosquito pilot to engage the transport’s rocket
boosters, accelerating the transport rapidly away from the Gargoyles, who continued giving chase.

The fleeing Mosquito was assisted by Rottenberg SAM Unit 3, which bombarded the swarm of oncoming Gargoyles with LRM fire.

Despite Pvt. Richter’s deviations from protocol during the course of this mission, I am recommending he be promoted to the rank of
Corporal. His actions have proven his intellect and instinct, and I believe these traits will be invaluable in the days to come.