Pecos Demoralization


Encoded Message Follows…
FROM: Emperor Joseph Prosek II
TO: Knights of the Skull Captain “Seymour”
VIA: Dr. Desmond Bradford
SUBJECT: Pecos Demoralization

Primary Objectives:

  1. Disrupt Pecos Empire anti-Coalition rally
  2. Track Sabre Lasar to his safehouse

Secondary Objectives:

Original Message Follows

Sabre Lasar, “Emperor” of the so-called “Pecos Empire,” has started rallying the disorganized bandit gangs in and around
Odessa, less than a day’s travel from Lone Star City, and outside the area we ALLOW them to claim as their own. This
meeting must be disrupted with a significant, visible, and terrible show of force.

As the Pecos are an empire of thieves, bandits, murderers, and traitors, they have waived their rights under Coalition law.
None of the attendees should be considered “civillian”--they are all armed combatants, a powder keg against the Coalition
whose fuse is about to be lit.

Kill as many as you see fit to make our point.

Once the rally is “dispersed,” your most elite expendable is to pursue and track Lasar to whatever safehouse he’s using. This
may or may not be in Odessa itself, so your operative should be provided a low-profile, high-speed vehicle for this purpose.

At the safehouse, your operative is to analyze the location’s security, and report in on the visible defenses. Once this is
complete, he is to breach the location and, if possible, kill this “Emperor” who would threaten my holdings.

>>Official Briefing<<

Our Emperor is tired of Sabre Lasar. The above message does a fine job of outlining your objectives, but doesnt touch on the
strategies or equipment. For this mission, you will be solo, operating without the Knights of the Skull--your part in this
exercise is primarily stealth-based.

The “shock and awe” will be primarily handled by our local Glitter Boy contingent, dropped in from borrowed Triax Dragon-
fly dropships. You will provide close-range support, in the event anyone gets too close to our Boys.

You will be assigned a new motorcycle for the second half of this mission. The Tarantula Combat Jump Bike has a maximum
speed of 200mph, which should be more than enough to keep up with Lasar’s evacuation vehicle, whatever it might be. It is
also lightly armed with a pair of forward lasers, though I doubt you’ll need them.

If the defenses on Lasar’s safehouse look too tough to crack, disregard Prosek’s orders and withdraw after reporting in. It’s
not like we’ve never run counter to him before, we can handle a minor infraction like this--you’re anything but expendable.