Encoded Message Follows…
FROM: QMI Command
TO: Lt.Col. Josephine Deveraux
SUBJECT: Operation Suckerpunch

Primary Objectives:

  1. Clear LZ for Free Quebec forces
  2. Test the QAX-9-00
  3. Destroy Rue

Secondary Objectives:

Intelligence Report follows….

Coalition forces have taken up position in a rocky pass. Dead Boys control the upper cliffs overlooking the camp, with
a mix of heavy and long-ranged sniper capacity. At least one SAMAS is on hand, manned and prepped for take-off, in the
valley itself, with two manned mini-missile turrets providing anti-air support; more Coalition armor may be within range to
assist in their defense. A FAT communication array has been erected in the valley to extend radio range. At least six
separate Dead Boys were detected in the valley--likely comms officers and loading teams for the SAMAS.

There are three drop zones for you to consider. The southern-most location is ideal for stealth, but will prevent
the use of gunship support--the insertion vehicle will withdraw as soon as you are deployed, to avoid blowing your cover.

The eastern location is one-quarter mile from the Coalition camp, and offers a good balance between stealth and support
fire. The gunship will remain on hand to cover your approach, clearing as many Dead Boys as possible before withdrawing.

The northern location is in the valley itself. You will have full gunship support, attacking the Coalition forces from both
sides. The element of surprise is minimized at this location, but Coalition forces will have to split their attention between
two targets.

Once enemy forces are cleared from the area, use your beacon to call us in. When we’re situated, you will transfer to the
new QAX-9-00 powered armor. We will be air-lifting armor, including 7-70s from the Raging Bulls, to provide support fire
during the weapons test.

According to our Federation of Magic allies, simply powering up the armor and main weapon should attract Rue’s attention.
Do not hesitate--as soon as you have a shot, open fire. The QAX-9-00 Particle Cannon is a continuous-fire weapon, so pay
close attention to the heat indicator while firing to ensure you do not damage the prototype. If the test is successful,
the Raging Bulls will finish the job.

Good luck, and godspeed.


Primary Objectives:

  1. Clear LZ for Free Quebec forces - COMPLETE
  2. Test the QAX-9-00 - COMPLETE
  3. Destroy Rue - FAILED

Secondary Objectives:

Lt. Col. Devreaux chose the eastern deployment site for her engagement with Coalition forces, giving her gunship escort time
to soften enemy positions before the Lt. Col. arrived. She attacked the Dead Boys from the high ground, starting her assault
by knocking out the enemy communications tower, preventing any attempts to call for backup.

The Coalition forces focused their laser fire on the cliff where the Lt. Col. was positioned, ultimately reducing the rocks to
gravel, and sending her sliding into the gorge. After a prolonged firefight with the enemy forces, most of whom were armed with
laser weapons, Devreaux activated her emergency beacon early, calling in the Raging Bulls ahead of schedule. Working together, she
the pilot Miles Prower, and the Raging Bulls were able to finish clearing the LZ, allowing the weapons test to begin.

The test, unfortunately, was a complete failure. The weapons system was plagued with problems from the get-go--the PPE batteries
provided by the Federation of Magic were described, by onlookers, as “screaming” when the weapon was engaged, loud and shrill enough
to punch through the acoustic dampening systems of the Glitter Boy armors on the scene. Additionally, Rue was able to feed on the
raw PPE projected by the particle beam, increasing his own strength and durability during the encounter.

During her encounter with Rue, Devreaux received a warning that the Coalition was likely to deploy nuclear weapons against Rue at
the test site. In response, we acted to quickly evacuate all functional armor on-site, leaving the disabled QAX-9-00 behind.

Lt. Col. Devreaux accomplished all of her secondary objectives on this mission, which must be commended. The loss of the QAX and
failure of the test cannot be held against her. Additionally, I am recommending that we provide the mercenary pilot Miles Prower
with a substantial bonus to his paycheck--he fought with more valor than expected of a mercenary soldier, and should be rewarded
as such.