June 5, 111 P.A.
A man calling himself Twenty-Nine and Three-Tenths single-handedly destroys Chi-Town,
claiming that the massive explosions that gutted the Fortress City were “an accident” caused by “bad luck.”

August 18, 111 P.A.
The alien android Omega falls through a random rift to an unknown world.

January 7, 112 P.A.
A badly-damaged Omega returns to Earth, seeking a spell-caster named Rue.

January 10, 112 P.A.
Rue turns Omega’s comatose body over the the Splurgoth of Atlantis for study.

March 20, 112 P.A.
Rue opens a rift, intending to find the unknown world Omega discovered.

May 6, 112 P.A.
Ground broken on El Dorado City, a new Coalition Fortress City located in CS El Dorado.

June 5, 116 P.A.
Construction officially completes on New Chi-Town, located in the ruins of pre-Rifts Joliet.

September 29, 118 P.A.
El Dorado City is completed.

July 7, 119 P.A.
The NGR attempts a field-deployment test of a new Enemy Infiltration Robot.

August 21, 119 P.A.
The Cyber-Knights of North America send one of their own on a long-term mission to Russia.

December 28, 119 P.A.
Coalition forces launch an attack in Odessa, in an effort to demoralize the nearby Pecos Empire.

February 22, 120 P.A.
An energy Being appears on the west coast of North America, destroying all but one member of a local Coalition field team.

February 24, 120 P.A.
The Being proceeds to absorb all energy from a nearby Ley Line Nexus, extinguishing the Lines.
The Being obliterates a Coalition response team, identifying itself as Rue to the only survivor.

August 16, 120 P.A.
Operation: Suckerpunch, a joint Free Quebec/Federation of Magic/Bandito Arms exercise, is launched in the North American Southwest.